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NaNoWriMo Write-Out



This is the NaNoWriMo write-out page. Join us for a write-out session at the end of each NaNoWriMo during which you can chat with other awesome WC people chatting, writing, and spurring each other on to the finish! Enjoy refreshments and intermittent, possibly mediocre conversation, as we will all be writing frantically to catch up with the 50,000 word deadline that looms ahead. Be sure to take breaks in your writing and share your company.


A chat room of some sort will be placed here when the time comes.



Username (or number or email):


2010-11-27 [Ash]: Let's have the write out on the 30th! The last day!

2010-11-27 [Annie]: Okay, the 30th is a good day for me. I have no classes that day. Other thoughts? Days? Times? Please use EST.

I would personally prefer sometime before 8 p.m. EST. Like anytime between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST (starting as early as 10 a.m. or ending as late as 8 p.m.).

If anybody has trouble figuring out what time it is for them...this site is convenient for converting times between time zones:
Just convert from US/Eastern to whatever your time zone is.

2010-11-27 [Ash]: Oh, you're in the same time zone as me. How about at Noon?

2010-11-27 [Annie]: Actually that's not my time zone, just thought it was the most universally known. Noon works for me, that's a great time. :) 12-2 EST would be great for me. Hopefully other people will contribute a good time for them. If not, we'll just aim for 12-2 EST. :D

2010-11-28 [Ash]: Okay! :)

2010-11-28 [Veltzeh]: So... what does "write-out" mean and why can't we use UTC (because THAT's universally known!)? ;)

2010-11-28 [Annie]: Well, traditionally a write-out is when NaNo people gather together at like bookstores or libraries and spend some designated amount of time writing in each other's presence, taking a little time to talk here and there and make it a pleasant, social experience. The idea is to get a ton of words written without it being totally grueling. Usually there are refreshments. :) And usually it's called a write-in because they do it at the beginning of the month. :P But since we're a non-traditional group...I thought a chat room could be the equivalent of a real gathering and pictures the equivalent of refreshments. And UTC...psh. :P
Ours is basically just a celebratory chat/writing session...since two of us are already done. :P

2010-11-28 [Veltzeh]: Don't be so USA-centric! :P

2010-11-28 [Annie]: Haha...have mercy! I'm not USA-centric! -cries- I was actually hoping to get everybody's input earlier so we could all pitch a suggestion for the timezone, but nobody said anything. Let's see if Tyr will give some input.

I did offer a time zone converter...that has to count for :P

2010-11-29 [Ash]: Well, noon is 7 pm UTC, why don't we put it up as 12Pm-2 EST/ 7PM-9 UTC? Is that a good time for you Veltzeh, I won't be up before 10AM/3pm UTC.

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: That would be 21–23 for me on a weekday... but then again, it's not like I wouldn't stay up late anyway. X)

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: Can I change the server and channel name to match the same channel I created so that I don't need to join this separately?

2010-11-29 [Annie]: I'm not sure what you mean Veltzeh. This one doesn't require logging you don't need to join anything? Just confused since it seems like there shouldn't be any problem. I also like the name I chose for the channel - "WCWrite-out." :) Also, this chat will only exist/be in use during NaNo write-outs, so it's not an official WC chat or anything. And great suggestion Ash. Pleasing everyone ftw. :)

2010-11-29 [Veltzeh]: I mostly mean that I wouldn't want to log into that chat and keep a separate browser window just for it when I could use my real IRC client...

2010-11-29 [Ash]: Well if your not going to stay up for it, and we are only using it once, why don't we keep it the way it is?

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Oh I think he was planning on joining us, he was just complaining :P Would one hour earlier be better Veltzeh?
And I'm still totally confused you host a server? And couldn't you close your IRC client instead of my super awesome widget handiwork? :P

2010-11-30 [Ash]: We can move it an hour earlier.

2010-11-30 [Annie]: Woot

2010-11-30 [Ash]: I'm on already for the write-out!

2010-11-30 [Veltzeh]: I have five or six IRC server connections open on my IRC client, so no, I'm not going to close it. X) My unstable internet is a bigger risk...
And fine, I'll join that one, but I'll probably be a little unresponsive.

2010-12-02 [Annie]: Taking down the chat widget now that the write-out is over. Next year another chat can be put up...

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