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What happened to WC? We don't really know. All we know is that it seems pretty much dead now and there's some announcement on the front page about a new WC and an old WC and the is a broken page. So welcome to...

Post WC-Apocalypse Wiki

Enjoy refreshments and small talk...perhaps even revival? Share your stories below:


Member since: Before...the move. O.O
I switched to the new WC...and didn't like it. I'm back now. I just love WC too much to ever give up on it. Even though I stopped visiting for awhile due to XTreme Life Sports, I eventually wanted to rejoin the ranks of WC people who live in this happy little world. You have to admit, a forum or other site just isn't the same. You can't protect your publishing rights with a forum either because technically, posting your writing anywhere public, including online, that doesn't require a password, counts as publication. I also survived because I love the WC contests, which are reviving - hoorah! If you haven't tried the WC contests, you must!

If you know of any other currently reviving/running contests, do share! If you feel like starting a new contest, that's awesome too! Put it up here because I'd love to hear about it.

I also really liked the Ezine, it was a great idea. I hope it revives soon. ;)


[Tyr Zalo Hawk]

Not only did I survive the Apocalypse, but I've been living in the Wasteland during the entire move. I almost joined the new one... almost but I thought better of it after only two days. It was pretty easy to just stay here instead.
I'm also sort of trying to get this place up and running again. I messaged [Ash], [Hedda], and everyone else I've seen online recently to get things going. I know I'm not the only one, but I'm damned proud of what I'm doing so I thought I'd mention it. Kudos to both the contests above, gotta love them, even though I haven't participated in either one yet <_<...

It's not my fault! *vacates*


[You??] Yes!


More to come. ;)

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2010-11-04 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Life to this Wiki! =D

2010-11-05 [Annie]: Hear hear! ^_^
I checked up on the old WC regularly even after I joined the new WC, just because the new WC didn't have a good writing system at all...I kept waiting for it to pick up, for people to care...the wiki system was nonexistent there. Meh, it just wasn't satisfying.

2010-11-06 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Indeedly. I told them I'd submit my stuff when I didn't have to wait for 6 years for it to be 'approved'. Seriously? Approved? I wasn't aware I was writing for anyone's approval <_<

but yeah, it's gone, so I'm not gonna gripe about it. The old WC is where it's at. It's where the cool cats go.

2010-11-06 [Annie]: Lol, yes, I agree. I'm hesitant to make much noise about this wiki just yet because it's not finished. You actually found it before I was done with it. :P I want to have a little banner and some other fun stuff on it first...

2010-11-07 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: PFFT <_< If it's not done, don't advertise it. I'm perceptive... when I want to be. ^_^ And I can help with... something. Maybe. I hope <_<

2010-11-07 [Annie]: Lol, oh I wasn't criticizing... :P I don't think I gave you the link though did I? I just mentioned the concept and you found were very perceptive, yes.

2010-11-07 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: I have no idea where I got the link, I just remember seeing it and going 'ooooh... shiny....' And, so, here I am <_<

2010-11-07 [Annie]: Haha...well, soon I'll finish the wiki. When I'm done with this crazy coming week.

2010-11-08 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Sounds good to me. Cause I gots me some privs now, I just don't know what to do with them <_<... I've checked what I can do, so I know what's possible, I'm just not sure what I should do...

2010-11-08 [Annie]: Ya, same here. I mostly just wanted the privs for announcements though, it felt like we had had bad rep on the front page for awhile. :P

2010-11-09 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Indeed... it's too bad we can't delete some of those older posts that are still bringing us down <_<...
But who knows? Maybe they'll be... umm... good for... something?

2010-11-09 [Annie]: Lol well, at least we've drowned them out with new stuff. I just felt like the overwhelming "welcome to the old WC" like it's no longer relevant and the "is anybody still here?" were like...depressing. lol

2010-11-09 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Terribly so <_< It's why I used to skip the home page whenever possible.

But now I'm all like: Yay! New postses!

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