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2006-07-23 18:42:18
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Book name : The Stolen Child
Genre : Fantasy
Author : Keith Donohue
Review by : [La Divina]


This book was amazing. I normally skip right past coming-of-age stories. You know the ones. Hardly any plot at all... usually written in first person and focusing on the trials and triumphs of growing up. Well, that sounds lovely. But we all go through puberty. No one really wants to read about it. But throw in a dash of magic, some suspense... and it might deserve a second glance. The Stolen Child is about a young boy named Henry Day who runs away from home one day and hides in the woods. The firemen find him, bring him home safe and sound. But from that day on Henry is just a little different. Why?
Changelings live in the woods. Hobgoblins, to be exact. Little devils who make mischeif when no one is looking. Who wait. And wait... until they see a child they want to make one of their own. A child like Henry who they can take. And in his place leave another hobgobling changeling. A perfect replica in almost every way. If they are lucky, the switch goes smoothly, and no one notices that Henry isn't really Henry.
This is the story of changeling and child, of Henry Day becoming Aniday, the hobgoblin boy who struggles more than any of the others to hang onto his past, to find himself. It is the story of a boy stolen, turned hobgoblin, turned Henry Day and his own works to piece together his own past, to find himself. This is a story of magic and love and suspense.


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2006-07-30 [pirate witch]: I have been reading this book every time I go to a bookstore. Can't afford it, but LOVE it anyway.

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