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A Circle of Children

By Mary MacCracken
121 pages

  This is not my usual fare. Not that I won't read anything new; however, I don't usually recommend a book that is striking for my head but not my heart. With that in mind, have a head exercise:

  This book is fun for both the entertainment and the scholarly reader. It is easy enough to read and deals with interesting conflicts; it also asks a lot of great questions and has its fair share of literary devices. Also note that the authorial voice, though it may be an acquired taste for some, is easy enough to get into.

  I am recommending this book because it is interesting. It raises a lot of questions not only about how we should treat special needs children, but how we treat children in general. There are issues such as the welfare of the institution versus the welfare of our children, teaching and disciplinary method, the subject usefulness of professionals, and how to measure qualifications. Besides the questions it asks about how to raise unusual children, there are underlying issues concerning gender.

  I really should try and talk about something besides the questions. Well, it is a success story. It's about love in many different forms. It's about frankness and practicality. Gosh, the characters are cool; that's probably because they're realistic. Another thing that's cool is that it covers a miniature life cycle. Mary goes from being mentored, to working, to mentoring. It makes for an encouraging ending.

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