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Book name : Coldfire Trilogy
        - Book 1: Black Sun Rising
        - Book 2: When True Night Falls
        - Book 3: Crown of Shadows
Genre : Fantasy
Author : C.S. Friedman


This trilogy is written with wonderful detail. It is set in a time in the human races future. Man has managed to colonize another planet, Erna, however this colonization became troubled when a strange magic, called fae, made all forms of science unpredictable and basically useless.

The story follows the adventures of Damien Kilcannon Vryce, Knight of the Golden Flame, Companion of the Earth-Star Ascendant. For all his titles, he is a man on values, however his values are put to the test as he must travel with someone who is everything he stands against so that he can save the woman he loves.

C.S. Friedman creates a vivid and believable world, where magic is more than just some story to scare children with. While at first not much is known about the world, she slowly makes things much more clear as pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. With a prologue in each book providing some unique history to the world, and characters striving to save the world (a typical fantasy goal achieved in a very un-typical way), these three books provide hours of interest.

I encourage anyone to read them. They are deep and full of substance, making a few comments on the way people are, the way religion is and how we view our world.



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