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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Well, it's pretty hard to survive in popular culture, or walk through a bookstore in the past few years without having seen, or at least heard of, this book. It's the first in a trilogy (of which I've only read the first one) and takes place, for the most part, in Sweden.

There are a LOT of Swedish names in this book, so be prepared not to know how to correctly pronounce a single one.

It's a good read, especially if you like detective/murder mystery sorts of novels. It's got some really decent suspense, and the ending is, admittedly, rather well done. There is a pretty intense rape scene, and a torture scene, so you've been warned. I won't say any more about either, because that's really be a spoiler, but you have been warned. This isn't for kids, or anyone too sensitive to those sorts of subjects.
Oh, also, plenty of sex. Not really graphic sex or anything, but there's a lot of it. Just an FYI.

I will say, however, that this isn't the book that everyone always tells you it is. Personally, I was told it was a gripping, sexy thriller, that I'd be holding onto the edge of my seat as I frantically turned the pages in an effort to figure out what was going to happen next. It's really not like that.
The mystery itself is good, but Larsson has a way of going on forever about every detail of everything. It's nice for people who really get into the mood and who want every single piece of data available, but I really could've lived without some of it. Also, the novel doesn't even really kick off until about 100 pages in, so be prepared to wade through the exposition until then.

In short: It's a good book. A bit long-winded, definitely a bit startling, but a good read.

4.3 Blomkvists out of 5.
-[Tyr Zalo Hawk]

P.S. The movie barely follows the book, just in case you were wondering. Same basic plot, just a lot of rearranging and messing with the facts.

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