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Recommended Reading


Book Name: The Magnificent Ambersons
Genre: Literary Fiction
Author: Booth Tarkington


The book opens with the rise of the Ambersons' fortune in America's gilded age, and a bit of background on Miss Amberson's marriage to Mr. Minafer and the spoiled son that results. We then become close to the son, George Amberson Minafer, in his late teens, and follow him throughout the story as he moves towards adulthood.

The whole story is a systematic exercise in humbling him. He grew up in the gilded age, but his pride can't stand up to the new industry of the turn of the century. Besides, it's not like he was humble enough to try making any new friends before he could no longer lean on his family.

What did I love about this story? I loved George! I became close to him, got to know him inside out, and learned things about him that even he wouldn't bother learning about himself. I didn't want to put the book down. I just loved George so much.

If you want an exercise in watching a character grow, you should try this book out.

It's old enough to be public domain, and can be found at

One more note: I had been in a sort of "reader's block" for a few years, from the time I began high school, and this book got me out of it.


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