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RR.Oddly Enough


Book name : Oddly Enough
Genre : YA Short Fantasy
Author : Bruce Coville


Oddly Enough is an anthology of stories Bruce Coville wrote throughout his career (up to 1994). Their range of moods and styles is very broad. Since it's not practical to review each story, and wouldn't do the anthology justice to review only one, I have opted to list the stories and the spectrum of moods they invoke.

The Box - beautiful, ethereal, peaceful
Duffy's Jacket - funny, sarcastic, suspenseful
Homeward Bound - classical, ethereal, passionate
With His Head Tucked Underneath His Arm - chilling, mature, strange
Clean as a Whistle - bright, childlike, silly
The Language of Blood - chilling, dark, exotic
Old Glory - angry, detached, speculative
The Passing of the Pack - compassionate, enlightening, passionate
A Blaze of Glory - classical, fantastic, youthful
I also found A Note from the Author interesting.

One thing that I find strangely unique about Coville's short work is that they actually reach my heart, unlike various authors who are too busy raising issues to write the durned story.

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