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2006-10-17 01:19:15
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Verbal Combat HeddaTheComputer vs RivaTheWaterDrop

A computer against a drop of water... This is going to get interesting!

RivaTheWaterDrop attacks!

I swim slyly through a large fish tank.

HeddaTheComputer counter-attacks!
"slyly" unknown or misspelled word error. Exiting, dumping core. 
/dev/sdb5 device full error.  /dev/sdb5 device full error. /dev/sdb5 devi  
tty0 quota exceeded.
To many errors error. Take a swim instead!

R: Splashes up through the filter.

H: Starts smoking a little.

R: Gets shot out of the filter on the computer's shelf.

H: Sucks in the waterdrop with a fan, sucks it through the entire system, put some fan oil into it and then spit it out onto a birdshit on the floor. Then the system crashes to prevent any kind of counter-attack.

R: Evaporates into a gentle mist floating up toward the shelf.

H: Gets bored. Then remember that he is a computer and can't get bored and get idle instead.

R: Gently sneaks into the computer through a vent.

H: Notice that the humitity in the case has increased from 7% to 12%, but doesn't care about that and sends "404 Pussy doesn't exist or is already filled error" to a poor porn-surfer instead. Then sends an automatic error report to Microslut, and reboots.

R: Rolls out of the computer, down along the power cord, squeezing into the plug, sending out a few small sparks.

H: After a few months of sparking and mallfunction, I finally return to boot up again. It should be less waterdops here now!

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2005-08-01 [elfiedawn]: Here you go. Now you can stop complaining about the lack of conflict between Riva and Elna. :P

2005-08-02 [RiverStar]: Nice, Hedda, nice.

2005-08-02 [elfiedawn]: Yay! You go Riva!

2005-08-04 [elfiedawn]: Uhoh... oil. That doesn't sound good... Come on RiverStar!

2005-08-12 [elfiedawn]: Hmmm... I have a tip for you Riva... Not sure if it would be right to tell you, tho. Still, looks like Hedda's bored, so he might welcome any help to make it more interesting. :P So I'll just say this: Look at your own computer. What would make it stop functioning? *giggle*

2005-08-12 [RiverStar]: *grins* oh I have a fun idea.....*waits for Hedda's next move, meanwhile pointing out a little mistake in elfie's comment* (Hedda=he)

2005-08-12 [elfiedawn]: Oh, right! *edits post* Actually I knew that... the mistake comes from my first assumption before I viewed his profile.

2005-08-12 [RiverStar]: *laughs* Remember that assumptions make an ass out of you and me!

2005-08-17 [elfiedawn]: Too true. *frowns* HeddaTheComp has been idle a bit too long. Hrmph. Prod him and wake him up. :)

2005-08-17 [RiverStar]: Hedda's been rather busy lately. He'll show up eventually.

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