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2006-10-16 04:08:05
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Verbal Combat: Ladyperiloushare vs KiddaTheCanary

A bird versus a bunny... who will prevail?!?!?

KiddaTheCanary incites battle!

I sing scat from my perch.

Lady perilous hare looks up at the canary.

KiddaTheCanary incites battle!

I continue singing, this time hopping around on the perch.

Lady Hare leans back and thumps the tree hard with her kind legs repeatedly.

K: As I had been hopping at the moment that the tree shook, my perch is in a different place than I expect when I try to land. I instead flutter to the ground and start chirping angrily at you.

Tips back and thumps canary in the head with my hind leg. (Think kangaroo style)

K: I do find myself propelled away from you. As I am a bird-brain, however, you didn't hurt me one bit.

L:Shoot, and bounds after the canary, thomping down in you before you can fly away.

K: I become inspired by the beat of your stomping, and begin to jam.

L: Tickles you with my whiskers.

K: The laughing makes me lose my syncopation, and I start whistling the tune of the most boring, uncoordinated, unharmonic elevator music with poorly synthesized instruments you've ever heard.

L: claps my paws over my ears and writhes in agony with the horrible sound.

K: Because your dancing really sucks, I start to make fun of you.

L: sits up and boxes a puch to the cheeky canary.

K: The force of your blow sends me flying, so I keep flying, and crap on you.

L: Takes the crap and hucks it back at you.

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