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2005-08-12 19:20:40
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Verbal Combat RivaTheWaterDrop vs ElnaTheStar

A star against a droplet... This is going to be a hard fight! Let's see who gets here first to strike the first blow!

RivaTheWaterDrop attacks!

I wiggle around in my glass.

ElnaTheStar counter-attacks!

I contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

R: Wiggles, rocking the glass slightly.

E: Relaxes in the vast spangled regions of her home.

R: I wiggle harder, sending the glass tumbling to the floor, shards of glass flying into the air.

E: I take an interest in a passing comet, the tail a glory of trailing sparks.

R: Evaporates into the clouds.

E: I fall asleep from boredom.

R: Starts gathering other evaporated water drops to her.

E: Waking up at the unexpected and rude impact of a meteorite, Elna sends a blast of fire streaking back the way it came in irritation, accidentally scorching a small planet in the way.

R: Due to the scorching of her planet, I am now trapped between several particles in a large space rock that was once part of her planet. The large space rock floats towards the aggitated star.

E: Noticing the large piece of debris, I fluctuate my pull of gravity, sling-shooting it around me and out into the void of space.

R: The space rock floats through space for thousands of years before mysteriously returning back to the star, having increased size a thousand fold.

E: Staring at the huge frozen piece of rock, I wonder vaguely if I should begin to panic, but instead send out a blast of fire, melting the ice which holds together the debris.

R: Little pieces of rock and drops of water fly into the star, battering it all over.

E: The rock melts into magma, fusing with the star's surface and making it stronger, while the water is evaporated and thrown out and away to freeze into a cloud of glittering water vapor. Elna watches the glittering cloud that looks very much like diamonds with interest, wondering what it will try next.

R: The glittering cloud grows bigger and bigger until it completely surrounds the star.

E: Though it completely surrounds the star it does nothing to hide it, the many droplets merely making it shine all the brighter. The intense heat radiating from the star keeps the droplets at bay, evaporating and sending them back to the cloud if any dare approach, until Elna becomes tired of the game and sends out an intense flash of fire that atomizes the water.

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2005-07-30 [Hedda]: Come on! After one attach each, there is no blood! We want blood! ;-)

2005-07-30 [RiverStar]: hahahaha

2005-07-31 [Hedda]: That is a lame second attack! Harder!

2005-07-31 [RiverStar]: I'm a water drop! Wait for it! There is method to my lameness.

2005-07-31 [Hedda]: Faster! ;-)

2005-07-31 [RiverStar]: *laughs* Impatient are we?

2005-08-01 [elfiedawn]: Well, I *would* try to attack, but Elna is a peaceful star. Besides, I'm curious to see what RiverStar is up to. heh.

2005-08-02 [Hedda]: E is a wuzz! The waterdrop seems to be a really mean asskicking monster! More of that!

2005-08-02 [RiverStar]: *laughs* Thanks, Hedda!

2005-08-02 [elfiedawn]: Hm... does a star sleep? Well Elna does anyway. :) Yes, do cheer her on. Give her some hints/help if you want. Or me! LOL. I'm too peaceful for my own good, I know.

2005-08-10 [elfiedawn]: Very good... hm...

2005-08-11 [Hedda]: Ah! The Elna seems to have warmed up! But there aren't that much voilence and sex!

2005-08-12 [elfiedawn]: LOL, I don't think stars or water droplets can *have* sex... hehehe.

2005-08-12 [RiverStar]: Gr....running out of hard to fight a star with a water drop

2005-08-12 [elfiedawn]: I know. :)

2005-08-20 [Hedda]: [elfiedawn]: So?!? Don't be so egocentric then!

2005-09-02 [elfiedawn]: ? Wasn't trying to be. *shrugs* You can take it however you like, tho... :P

2005-10-18 [Hedda]: "atomized water"... That sounds dangerous!

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