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2011-01-21 16:55:38
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RustyBlenderMan VS Change Holder

RBM: Grinds engine angrily to fill room with smoke.

CH: Is not affected by smoke. Fires a quarter at blender chipping the glass.

RBM: Glass falls into blender. It is grind into smaller pieces and fired at you.

CH: Is wounded but not threatened. Fires two more quarters at the broken glass.

RBM: Repeats before action. Does it with love this time... love to puree.

CH: Drops from holding belt onto the safety of the floor is unaffected by the glass shards.

RBM: Laughs at change holder by putting settings on liquefy. Turns liquefy on and off five times. Any remaining glass is turned to fine powder. The power fills the room and gets into change holder.

CH: Gears are temporarily stuck. Change holder doesn't mind as he simply opens the top of the change casings and lets himself air out.

RBM: Is horrified at change holder's nudity. He quickly hops of the counter and jumps on top of change holder.

CH: Change holder is a change holder and is made of quality steel. Allows blender to stay on top while change holder stays safe from blender's harm.

RBM: Feels still disgusted about change holder's nudity and now realizes that he is in fact, on top of the naked change holder. Rusty blender man begins to panic and topples off change holder. The top of the blender falls off leaving the blades exposed.

CH: Feels confident in the fact that he is made of steel.

RBM: Grinds his blades on the floor turning around to face the absurd piece of money disperser and proceeds to slowly use clockwise and counterclockwise motions in the blade to inch his way over to give change holder a nasty cut.

CH: Tell rusty blender man that he in fact is now naked. He lost his top and his gears are showing and it's rather nice to have another nudist on the floor.

RBM: Stops gears and begins panicking about being naked. He accidently blends himself in a circle.

CH: Dispenses a dollar coin that hits rusty blender man denting his old plastic. Change holder then asks the bender for a floor show and begins to laugh.

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2010-12-09 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Ummm... right...

I think I missed something <_<

2010-12-09 [Ash]: They're battling... in their own unique ways...

2010-12-10 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: Yeah... but umm... why?

2010-12-10 [Ash]: It's what verbal combat is.

2010-12-13 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: ...<_< If you say so.

2010-12-15 [Ash]: I just followed the example.

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