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Ways To Pump Up The Pop


There are the basic ways of spreading WritersCo through word of mouth:
• Tell your friends.
• Link to it from your signatures in emails and forum posts.
• Link to it from your bios in other accounts.
• Or link to specific wiki-pages that are in WritersCo, if they are relevant to wherever you're linking them. The user might then continue clicking until they find WritersCo's entrance page.

These are the most effective.

There are other ways that will slowly work to get WritersCo a higher Google rating:
• Link to WritersCo from pages that aren't immune to Google's webtrolling.
• Export your wiki-pages to make them available to be seen by Google.

Another minor way to get outsiders hooked is to make some pages editable for non-members. These would likely be rather simple games or lists where unidentified people can't do much damage anyways.

Once people have joined, we need to keep them around:
• Be available to help answer questions in the help forum.
• Be outwardly friendly to random newbies, especially those who haven't seen Heddate before.
• Make a point of striking up a conversation with a newbie, or critting a newbie's piece.
• If you can, offer to answer help questions in your bio.


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