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2007-01-03 10:17:27
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The Writersco frontpage images

The frontpage images are actually 3 different images, and they are shown randomly. The first image is shown 3 times, the second 2 times and the last 1 time out of 6 times. These stats reflect the position they got in the competition to select them.

<img300*0:front1.jpg> was made by [Nightshadow]
<img300*0:front2.jpg> was made by [irulan]
<img300*0:front3.jpg> was made by [pixie_shimmer]

The winter theme:
<img300*0:yuletidefrontpage.jpg> was made by [Nightshadow]
It's shown pretty often during the the northern winter (Just to give the people from Australia, Argentia and South Africa a cold feeling in the heat...)

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2005-11-14 [Kiddalee]: I just fixed a grammar error.

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