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What does my bookshelf say about me?

I'd like to thank [SilverFire] for this awesome idea of a personality analysis through some of my most prized possessions. :)

I'd like to begin by explaining where my bookshelf is: at the current moment in my life I am attending university in England (which is a foreign country to me), so I am kind of on the move all the time, I can only settle down to a house for less than a year at a time. Thus I have had to limit what I own, to make moving easier. So my bookshelf itself contains very few books - about 20 - because they are a pain to move with. Nevertheless - or maybe because of that - my bookshelf surely is able to describe me. Also we can use the other objects on the shelf in this "analysis". These other objects include: an assortment of hats and gloves, because I like wearing hats and also because I feel cold very easily; paints and pencils and other art supplies, because I am an artist; an expensive-looking SLR camera, for even though I'm not rich I take what I do seriously and so I do try to use professional equipment for it; a couple of CDs that can indicate of my musical tastes, including an album by R.E.M. and the greatest hits of Elton John; a mysterious bottle half full of gooey substance labelled "the Perfect Gift" (it's glue, I just stuck the label that came on a pair of fluffy socks on the bottle since it was funny); and assorted crap, mostly random papers that I probably don't need anymore, but I just am not tidy and there's a bit of burrower in me, so I don't throw things away very easily.

A quick glance of the bookshelf tells that I am bilingual: there is an English-Finnish-English pocket dictionary as well as books in both English and Finnish. A large number of the books suggest of my sense of humour, that leans to the witty and nonsensical: there's a Monty Python autobiography, the complete Hitchhiker's Guide saga (6 stories) in one book, a Discworld novel and Harpo Speaks! that, as the second autobiography, also suggests that I like autobiographical literature. My bookshelf tells of my liking to fantasy - with the aforementioned Discworld book and a novel by David Eddings - as well as sci-fi - a Star Trek -novel in addition to the aforementioned Douglas Adams. Another very prominent aspect of my life in my bookshelf is my faith: there is the Bible in Finnish and an illustrated children's Bible in English as well as a brand new Book of Mormon - which doesn't mean I'm a mormon, but that I'm broadening my religious reading. It also suggests that I have a broader concept to what is the word of God than the stereotypical Christian view of the matter is. My liking of comics is also there in my bookshelf in the form of Batman: No Man's Land vol 1, an Asterix -BD and a book that is a small collection of (ice hockey -related) Snoopy/Peanuts comic strips.

In my bookshelf there is also an over-simplistic beginner's cook book that quite justly suggests that I can not cook; a DVD of a Marx bros. movie being an understatement of my love for the cinema; a novel called Sea Change and a large volume on sea faring telling of my amateurish interest in sailing; a collection of metaphysical poetry slightly lifting the curtain on what kind of a dreamer I am; Arts: the good study guide because I am an art student; slightly quizzically there is also the novel Life Less Ordinary, which I haven't yet read (I've seen the movie) and A random Scrap book which I also am not sure what it is, both of which suggest that I can be a bit random when buying books; lastly there is a book on reneissance civilization for I do like the reneissance frame of mind and to study history.

On my bookshelf there is also a pair of ear rings and a jar of pain killers. Below my bookshelf is my roommate's bookshelf - I got the top shelf because I'm tall :P

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2007-02-17 [SilverFire]: Someone should write a book where the first impression of every character is given through their bookshelf. :D

2007-02-17 [iippo]: :D Hmm, that's a fantastic idea actually.
I seem to have a contest-obsession atm, but imagine a contest of "describe a character through their bookshelf" :D

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