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WritersCo uses a limited version of HTML which we call "pseudo HTML". This limited version however gives you the ability to edit your wiki page, forum entry, writing entry etc to a certain degree.

Formatting Text


<h1> huge header "h1" ending with </h1>
<h2> large header "h2" ending with </h2>


<pre> pre-formatting tag "pre" ending with </pre>

Aligning text

<center>Text to be centered </center>
<right>Text to be aligned right</right>

Indented text

<indent>Indented text</indent>

Bold, Italic, Underlining and Strikethrough

<b> bold tag "b" ending with </b>
<i> italics tag "i" ending with </i>
<u> underlined tag "u" ending with </u>
<s> strikethrough tag "s" ending with </s>

Superscript and Subscript

<sup>superscript text</sup>
<sub>subscript text</sub>

Inserting Other Objects

There are two "objects" you can insert into your text: images and horizontal rulers.

Inserting an image:

<IMG:(URL to the image)>

Inserting a horizontal ruler:


Resizing Images

Keeps the current ratio between width and height, but new width will be 50 pixels.

Keeps the current ratio between width and height, but new height will be 50 pixels.

Image re-sized and stretched to 25 by 50 pixels.

Creating Links

Linking to a Web Page:

To make a link to a webpage you just write the URL to the webpage. Nothing more, nothing less.

Linking to a WritersCo Wiki Page:

To make a link to a page on the WritersCo Wiki, you write the page name followed by @wiki within square brackets. When written correctly, the page name without the brackets and @wiki will be displayed as the link in the resulting text.

An example:

The link looks like this:

(Advanced: Between "@wiki" and "]" you can add "edit", version number and/or #where in page (set with ) like this: [page@wikiedit88#hint] takes you to version 88 of "page" with an edit-form at the first <#hint> in it)

Linking to a WritersCo Writing Page:

To link to the Writing index of a member use:
To link to the Writing Page in the index use:

(membernr = member number. You can find it at the top center of your presentation.)

Linking to a WritersCo Member

To link to an WritersCo member you simply write the member's name within square brackets

An example:

Linking to a Posting

A link to a posting is very similar to a link to a member; the posting number within square brackets:


Linking to a poll

You can link to a poll with a link that looks like this: <poll:(poll number)>
You can find the poll number right beside the poll's title.

Linking to a Diary entry
You can link to a diary entry by using this syntax <diary:entry number>

Linking to a Private Forum

If you have created a private forum, you can provide a link with a password to the forum to allow people to join the forum without invitation. The link looks like this: <joinforum:(forum number):(password)>

Linking to a forum

A link to an ordinary forum is a bit more complicated than a link to a private forum. To link to a forum, you use the pseudo HTML "URL" tag, writing the Elftown URL to the forum: <URL:view_forum?forumnr=(forum number)>

Linking to the news on mainpage

You can link to the news by using this syntax <URL:news.html?nrs=(newsnumber)>

An example: <URL:news.html?nrs=1>

Clicking on the link will open a new window.

Linking to any page on WritersCo

To link to a page on WritersCo you can use the pseudo HTML "URL" tag: <URL:( WritersCo URL)>

An example:

The " WritersCo URL" is the same as the URL to the page but without "".
Clicking on the link will open a new window.

Writing tags that are shown

If you want to write a pseudo HTML tag that will be shown instead of interpreted as a tag, just like in the examples on this page, you put the string !uQt! somewhere in the tag. An example:

<!uQt!b> [index@!uQt!wiki] <!uQt!/b> 

Miscellaneous Notes

Case Sensitivity:

Tags can be written in both uppercase and lowercase, but the whole tag must be in the same "case". That means you can write <hr> as well as <HR>, but not <Hr> or <hR>.

Paragraphs and Line Breaks:

As you may already have noticed, you don't use the paragraph or line break HTML tags (<p> and <br>) on WritersCo. Instead you just write your text as you would in a text editor, using the Enter key to make line breaks as usual.

HTML Tags that Don't Work:

Here is a list of some (but not all!) of the HTML tags that cannot be used: <h3> <h4> <h5> <marquee> <font color=red> <blink>


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