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Written about Monday 2007-01-15
Written: (5166 days ago)

Well... here I am. Eastern Kentucky University, yay. So far just about everything is screwed up... I have no phone line, no functional internet in my room, no blanket or fitted sheet (my fault), and I have lots of yelling to do at the various departments. I'm lucky I happened upon this set of functional computers in the lobby of my dormitory, as all the labs are closed for the long weekend. Nothing here seems to be open on the weekends, which is sort of disturbing since its a college town.

I took a long walk/jog to go buy a phone... it took about an hour and some change. I also had to sprint across four intersections, fun when people don't like to acknowledge the walk signal, as the signals don't last long enough to actually walk across in time. I still feel like this is a terrible idea.

Oddly enough, I'm not on the roster for the dorm, despite having the assignment. Neither is my roommate, apparently, even though his name is on our door and he's not there. Weird. There's also no listed phone number for my room. The check in lady told me the number earlier, but I didn't think to write it down, and the next person at the check in desk didn't know where to find it.

So... good luck, that I found this thing. My sleeping schedule has to change, though, which is gonna be hard. Or maybe it won't? I don't know just now, I'm having a horrible time transitioning and I'm not thinking very well. I've been mood swinging today every other minute.

I do like the bathrooms. Apparently my floor has a pirate theme, and a sign leading to the 'poop deck'. The showers are pretty small, and my shoulders are too wide to walk straight into the stall so I have to turn sideways, but at least these have a nice bench to set my stuff on. The hot/cold handles, however, are horribly confused, which did lead to a humorous moment where I blasted myself with hot, then cold, water in turn.

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Written about Saturday 2007-01-13
Written: (5168 days ago)

I'll be moving off to school on either Sunday, or Monday... I want Monday, but who knows. Either way, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep up with my responsibilities here, but if I can't, I'll elt everyone know. This will only be the second time I've lived away from home, the first having been for only six months, so... it's going to be hard for me. Breaking out of a reclusive hermitage is scary. But yeah. So you know.

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-11
Written: (5170 days ago)

Anybody here a fan of Meat Loaf? (the performer, not the food) I doubt it, but anyway... I was listening to some of his older work, and came across this gem that makes me laugh, and is an actually well written piece of work. It's from the song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

"...I couldn't take it anymore/Good lord, I was crazy/ As the feeling came upon me like a tidal wave

I started swearing to my God/ and on my mother's grave/ that I would love you till the end of time

(pause, drumroll)

So, now, I'm praying for the end of time/ To hurry up, and arrive/ Cause if I had to spend another minute with you / I don't think that I could really survive

I'll never break my promise/ or forget my vows/ but God only knows what I could do right now

I'm praying for the end of time/ So I can end my time with you"

It makes me laugh. Misdirection and irony.

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-11
Written: (5170 days ago)

I have my character/race rewritten and fleshed out to redo after my book's premise was rendered 'unoriginal' by Elantris. Hopefully I'll get some time to restart the book *wailing* while I'm away. My dorm room is, to quote my brother Rodd, "within pissing distance" of the building where all my classes are, which is lovely. I have my things ready to go, for the most part. Gonna be a trip.

I am going to miss a few things. At this point, mostly, I'll miss my weekly sparring matches. I worked out some new additions to my move set tonight, one of which worked well, the other worked very well. Let me tell ya, a flying knee by a 290lb. man is not pretty, but it's damned hard to defend. There's also something strangely liberating about being punched in the head. Whee!

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Written about Monday 2007-01-08
Written: (5173 days ago)

January 7th.

Okay, I was wrong. But now I'm worried... I could have sworn Emily said she was to return the night of the sixth, but that could just be my horrible memory playing evil tricks on me. I just won't survive if something's happened to her, but I still feel that heaviness hanging over me, saying something has gone wrong.

On the light side of the news, my kicks are improving! I can finally kick over my eye level, which is no small feet for a 290 lbs. man. I noticed that I have a bruise about the size of a an american half-dollar on my right foot from where I threw a kick that my coach blocked with the point of his elbow. That was on Tuesday. It made me laugh. At least my nose is finally feeling a little better.

I talked to my dear friend Erin today on the phone for... gourd, probably well over three hours. She's such a delightful person! She has an amazing sense of humor, and a voice that just makes me smile. Just a lovely, lovely person on the whole.

I'm working on re-setting my book's story, after Elantris smashed the concept into ignominy. I have a new set-up, but damned if I feel up to rewriting the whole bloody thing. Especially with me about to go into college again, I just don't know if I'll have the time.

Ugh... anyway. I sincerely hope this is my last entry like this. Peace love and doughnuts.

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Written about Sunday 2007-01-07
Written: (5174 days ago)

Saturday, January 6th

In ten more days I'll be starting at college again. It gives me the shivers to think about it. I find myself trying to put it out of mind, but that only makes me feel worse about it. Just have to concentrate on wrapping things up here.

Still missing Emily, of course... and my frigging nose still hurts, but not as bad. Tonight I cooked vegetable soup, homemade of course, talked MMA with a friend who is staying the night, and had a nice long talk with a new friend here. I also updated the Poetry Dueling Arena, which has two duels this week, so vote!

I had a similar dream, again. It feels so wonderful to live that way, that I hate to wake up to see it end. But, those are the breaks.

I had a talk with Tracie last night. Usually we don't talk, we just sort of acknowledge each other. Last night, though, she was ready with an answer to all of my questions... she answered quickly and abruptly, making her point without any rambling, but her voice is still very sweet. She told me some things about herself that I didn't know, and I felt more comfortable with her after the fact. It was nice, in a way.

I've been keeping this daily journal since Emily left on her trip, to keep myself distracted at night. Hopefully this will be the last one, as she should be getting back tomorrow if things go right. I'm praying for her as always. She's cool that way.

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Written about Saturday 2007-01-06
Written: (5175 days ago)

Friday, January 5th: I got my housing application mailed off today, with the hundred dollar deposit. I'll have to take out loans to pay for this semester, and all I can do is hope that my degree, unlike my older brother's physics degree, can actually get me a good job to pay it back when all's said and done.

It still feels like a bad idea. I don't know why. I can't explain it, but the closer I get to going back to school, the more of a doomed feeling I get. Like the end of everything is approaching, or something. It's a very creepy feeling.

In good news, Jinx has fallen in love with the laser pointer. He'll chase that red dot around the floor as long as you feel like pointing it, and you can make him run in circles with it. I did on one occasion that saw him get dizzy and fall on his butt. He loves it, though.

I re-read "El Goonish Shive" recently. For anyone who is into graphic novels and doesn't mind weird humor (including gender-swapping, aliens, and so forth) check it out. The writer of this comic has an amazing talent at foreshadowing and dropping little hints in his story, referencing minute details a month after they appear in the story sometimes. It's a very fun comic on the surface, and very deep underneath. Especially if you like hunting for clues. Look it up.

I still miss Emily, and my nose still hurts. Both of them are bittersweet feelings... missing Emily just reminds me how I love her, and I actually shook Rodd's hand for landing that shot to my face. It was a good shot, and I'd been looking forward to taking a power hit ever since I started training MMA.

Oh. Lastly, I had a wonderful dream last night. So wonderful, in fact, that when I woke up I was nearly in tears for learning it had only been a dream. I can't really talk about it to the general populous, but suffice to say, I hope I have it again tonight. And no, it was not a sex dream. Perverts.

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Written about Friday 2007-01-05
Written: (5176 days ago)

Thursday, January 4th: Not much of a day. Having some trouble with my college information for some reason, but that's easily handled.

Emily called me today. I heard her beautiful voice and again, I couldn't speak for a few moments. I miss her so much... it feels like forever until the end of the week. But we talked a while, about how she is and how her trip has been, and though she was under the weather it was a very nice chat. I love her, and hearing from her was fantastic. I didn't cry this time, until after we said our good-byes. Last time, I didn't make it that long. But that was very happy!

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (5176 days ago)

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Still feeling the nose-hurtness. I registered for my classes today... my bonehead advisors are little help, no matter how many times I say "I need at least seventeen hours of useful classes" they can't advise anything! I've ended up with an English major, creative writing emphasis... little direct job market, but I'm also going to take a class that puts me in writing for the college newspaper, so I can have a portfolio in case I want to pursue print journalism. I want to work in the publishing industry, or as an editor... maybe help writers like me, who have something to say but can't get through the red tape to say it.

I thought less about Emily being gone today. Okay. That's a lie. I haven't cried so far... that would be a lie, too. Less, though. I had some irrational fears... the terrible rumor is that women who go to the weddings of their friends become instantly more interested in committed relationships. With the distance between us, if Emily decided to take on that mindset... I'm afraid I would lose her. I'd rather be knee-capped. But I trust Emily, and I have faith in her, as she's always shown faith in me.

Gourd, my face hurts. 

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (5176 days ago)

Belated Entry : Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Even though it has been less than a day since I spoke with Emily, I feel like it has been so much longer. I'm worried on a hundred different levels, about a hundred different things. Her safety, her feelings, if she enjoys herself, if the wedding goes alright, then my own feelings, my own worries, and all the combinations and ramifications thereof.

The good news is, tonight we sparred and trained some. It was very nice, very helpful, and we did a little more groundwork than usual. We started, though, with some boxing, which is my strongest point. I try not to brag too much, but I am proud of how well I throw hands.

So I sparred with my brother Rodd, and just dominated him the first two rounds. Rodd is in excellent cardiovascular shape, though, so he even told me later that all he had to do was wait for me to punch myself out to get in a hit. Still, in the third round I was doing just fine, keeping the guard up, switching stances, juking, all the lovely things that look so dumb from outside.

Finally, though, I threw a punch and got a side stitch. Now, for anyone whose never had a really bad side stitch, I'd like to say... DON"T GET FAT TO BEGIN WITH! But also, side stitches hurt. A lot. A way lot. As a result, I couldn't breathe, and even though I did okay, it caused me to drop my guard hand at just the wrong time.

BOOM! Rodd hit me so hard I could taste it. The sound I heard, and I actually had a minute to stop and think about this in 'ring slow motion', was the sound of a too-big stopper in tub previously full of hot water. You pull it out, and it goes 'plunk' with a popping sound. That's what I heard, and the stiffness and swelling I ended up having indicated that, yup, broke my nose a little. Now, I kind of doubt it really is, but that's how it feels. I actually started to bring my hands back up to get back into it, but my eyes welled up (which happens when you get hit that low on your nose) and I had to step back. 

Even so, I still won overall. After I rested a little I sparred with Iz, my karate-student brother, and did okay. Then I sparred with the coach, in point-spar kickboxing, and went to a 4-5 loss. But! I worked in some kicks and found them vastly improved. Push kicks and leg kicks in particular, but today was the first time I managed to put a useful kick in the head-shoulder area. Not that I landed any. Iz referred to my spar with Brandon as 'extreme patty cake' because neither of us could land a solid hit due to our careful guarding. My teeth and nose were throbbing like hell at this point, so I was very careful to guard. So yeah, fun fun.

I got home, though, and started to wilt. I made it to my bed early, because without Emily there's no reason to stay up. I played SOCOM, and thought about this going to college thing. It feels like the wrong thing to do, but so does not going. I'm the kind of person who always had someone standing over me growing up, saying 'this is what you need to do' and now that I don't have taht anymore, I find myself sort of lost. Parents, teachers, counselors, no one has the answers anymore. I'll get through it, though. Heh... for all the testosterone in the sparring, I still cried three separate times today. The nose-breaking doesn't count, because that wasn't crying. I promise. I've been a mess the last few weeks anyway. With Emily away for the week, I feel as though my life has no meaning. That's a good thing, though, in a sense.

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Written about Monday 2007-01-01
Written: (5180 days ago)

Welcome 2007. Let's hurry and beat it into subservience like all the years previous! So many new questions to be answered... how many awards shows will famous people come out with to further stroke their blistering egos? Can the Bush administration find new and better ways to look foolish and get my country into trouble? Who will Dick Cheney shotgun this year? Will the rest of the world finally get the idea that not all Americans are gun-toting, ignorant rednecks, or will it wallow in its own hypocritical bigotry for another few decades?  Many questions to be answered!

Well... this sucks almost as much as it rocks. I read Elantris by Brandon Sanderson today, and I discovered that it's a pretty good book. I cannot figure out the modern writers' fascination with killing off seventy to eighty percent of the characters in the last thirty pages, though this book really doesn't suffer too much for it. I felt like many of the characters were not very well fleshed out - in fact, the story-role of some of the ones who were killed off at the end eluded me at first - but all in all, it's a captivating piece of story; especially for a first effort. Still, I hate it.

And here's why. Elantris, named for a city in the story, centers around the aftermath of a world where a race of basically extinct white-haired, silver-skinned humanoids controlled everything. These people could write runes, and use the corresponding symbols to essentially cast spells. These runes could be cast on objects, or in the air using trails of light that the Elantrians produced with their fingertips. They built the runes from basic foundations, and added various modifications to determine target, strength of spell, and so forth. In addition, their home city was covered with these runes, which had different effects on the area itself.

Now, what I hate about this, is that in my unpublished work (completed a full year and a half before Elantris was published) there is a race of white-skinned, silver-haired humanoids who write runes in the air using trails of light, or on objects, building them from basic foundations and adding modification to determine target and such. The race was basically extinct, and lived in a city called Erinkan. Their city was also covered in runes.

So... yeah. As my book has gone through the editing process and the long effort of looking for a publisher, another book has come out that is so similar in this aspect that, if I didn't know for a fact the author could not have done it quickly enough to be out already, I would have thought he'd stolen the idea from me. This is obviously not true, but it does turn my book from a collection of my original ideas into a 'rip off' of an existing work.

Two hundred and fifty six thousand words, down the god damned drain.

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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-26
Written: (5186 days ago)

Happy today! Whatever day it is for you. If you don't celebrate, I hate you.

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-17
Written: (5194 days ago)

I broke down and picked up a Harry Potter book to read, largely due to lack of other stuff to read. So far the writing is just fine, one segment actually made me smile even, though nothing really spectacular as of yet. I'll admit to going into this with some bias, though, so we'll see what happens. FOr the record, it was the hype that killed my interest in reading this stuff, not the material itself. In the same way I waited until after it was not quite as cool to watch Titanic, I hope to be free of hating it because I hear so much about it. Titanic was still garbage, but that's not its fault. All the boat could do was sink.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-13
Written: (5199 days ago)

My sis [La Divina] sent me a book! I've been reading on it, and finally finished it, and now am reviewing it! Though, the review comes across pretty negative... I will tell you now that I enjoyed the middle of this book quite a bit, very much so in many places. The link below is in case you don't want to blog-read it.

Book Review: The War of the Flowers

A well written volume whose subtitle should so be 'Faerie for Dummies'

A review by [Mister Saint] of Tad Williams's The War of the Flowers

I'm not going to number rate this, because it wouldn't be fair. Over the course of 816 pages the quality of this book leaps up and down like the guilty member of a married man in strip bar. At times it is a riveting, fast-paced mindfuck that is brilliantly executed. At times it is touching, and connected me to the characters intimately. At other times it is a dreary, depressing thing that made me want to give up reading and writing of fantasy completely. Even further, towards the end it was a vile dissertation of rambling, endless history of the land, architecture of the land, family lines of the land, more history of the land, unnecessary intrigue, scenes that should have been cut out, and grueling essays on regional politics.

Overall: A good read for the patient who aren't aversed to skipping large chunks of the book. Inventive, though, and thoroughly constructed.

Plot: The plot of this was, imaginative setting and history aside, fairly run of the mill. Reluctant hero, spunky sidekick, evil enemies and a mastermind bent on ruling the world. It's been done a billion times, but has a nice freshness to it that another author would've been hard pressed to pull off. Even with its convoluted setup and pages upon pages of 'the clans have fought over X because of X and let me tell you why. Listen up,' the storyline is sound.

Characterization: Dozens of characters, all reasonably well characterized. I got the idea that the author paid more attention to certain sub characters than some of the main ones, especially on the villain side, but overall it was air tight. The smart mouthed side kick was splendidly done. The only irritations I found were that the bad guys seemed a little bit too smiliar to one another, and the main character made me want to hit him in the face.

It was well conveyed that Theo was awkward and uncomfortable with his new situation, but I swear, he reacted to everything the same way. "I'll never get used to this place," he said ten thousand times when he saw something new. And the endless questions! He was like a billboard that read 'mister plot device, please start talking about history of Faerie/culture/politics/intrigue/architecture/botany for a while!' The author couldn't seem to weave this information into the story itself, and so used Theo's pervasive inquisitions as setups for his lectures.

Literary elements: Lots of heavy description, the place was well fleshed out to my eyes. Good imagery, compelling transitions between sections... a well-written work.


This book was six hundred pages too long. Tad Williams should have just written a second book, a standalone volume called 'Every goddamn thing you ever could possibly know about Faerie in triplicate' and cut the huge glut of that information from the war of the flowers. I lost sight of the storyline a dozen times towards the end when the author threw those massive chunks of information at me, to the point that I'll admit to skipping over a hundred and fifty pages of the book towards the end (in total, not all at once).

And I missed nothing of the story itself. There's a fine line between 'well built world' and 'Gah! I don't need to be a scholar on it, event already! Gar!' and Williams crosses that line, dropkicks it, and shovels trout on it. In particular, the various characters' explanations of things can run whole pages with individual paragraphs... so much of it needed to just be inferred, but oh well. I don't miss the hair I was tearing out in frustration. ^^

Concerning violence... this author has no sense of decorum where violence is concerned. He goes into quite a bit of detail where cut open bellies, miscarriages, dead animals, and such are concerned and I found it vastly unnecessary and detrimental to the plot. The difference between a death scene in a movie and in a book is that our eyes process visual so fast that a quick scene rarely bothers us. In this book, even a quick scene was described in deep detail and it was just unnecessary. It was hard to smile, reading this thing.

The first seventy pages of this thing were pure torture. It was about a hundred pages before the narrative hook occurred (in my eyes), and I just wasn't that interested in the hero's personal life. Not a hundred pages of interested, anyway.

Now, there is praise to be given here. The 'white noise' (time between major events) was handled very well. The entire concept of a fairy world is nicely conceived and extremely deep, to the point that no nook of the place goes unknown to us. And very few characters were hit by trucks, thankfully, though Williams does have a penchant for killing them off in droves. Oh, and it had a logical ending that didn't try to swerve us at the last second! The first ending in a while that hasn't pissed me off.

Final word: Despite its long list of flaws, it really is an intriguing tale. However, despite the words 'A Fantasy' appearing beneath the title, this is mostly a long, long, godawfully long political drama. Were this book about three to six hundred pages shorter, it would be vastly improved. As it stands, it's still a recommended read for those with patience.
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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-12
Written: (5200 days ago)

I visited my hopefully-soon-to-be college today, to check on a few things. The trip had its ups and down, but I think more ups in general. One of which was a free sub sandwich and energy drink.

As usual when I'm going somewhere important, I scored about three hours of fitful sleep. Spent the time before leaving frantically searching for an envelope, the location of which I had been sure until five this morning. So found it, and off we went.

Rodd and Dad discussed guns and cars the whole way up, so I of course had my nose in a book. We got dropped off, and I talked to first the financial aid officer. Thankfully my paperwork is all clear, and FINALLY I have some idea of how much money this will cost me. Thanks to my scholarship the amount will be less than a thousand dollars, but to a guy who hasn't been able to get hired that's still a tidy sum.

Next stop: advisor. I discussed my thoughts on a choice of major, my primary choice being print media journalism, and my fears were given weight when I found that all the journalism classes had already filled up. So we talked about a creative writing program, which is a good second choice, except it's not likely to get me a job. Fortunately, it would be a Bachelor's degree in English as opposed to Creative Writing, which has more open doors.

So I went to talk to people, got the various runaround speeches, and then went to find Rodd. I was on foot, since Dad had an appointment in Lexington and took the van to get there. I walked over to the school of criminal justice, across a couple of roads and a highway bypass that might be the scariest place I've ever stood for more than three minutes. Walked a long way, to a building at the edge of campus, and asked a helpful young man where I could find the building.

"Oh," said he, "walk around this sidewalk, you can't get straight there because of the pond. Just cross the next road and go up on the hill, it's not quite a mile."

My feet kicked my ass. They were already sore, but I went on to the building.

Rodd was not there. See, Rodd has a way of planning things that goes like this. "Go on and do your thing, and I'll do mine, and I'll find ya. No, don't worry about deciding a meeting spot, I'll find ya."

So three hours of walking around campus (literally) later, which is no small feat for a near three hundred pound man, I found him. That was when his old girlfriend (whose parents are loaded, and who is still nice to us despite Rodd talking pretty nastily to her the whole time) bought us all lunch. Some dorm-jockey idiot was yelling at us through the window, playing a recording of himself doing it even, but we ignored him. I guess he got tired of touching himself to Slayers reruns or something and needed entertainment.

So I came back with a limp, a left leg that I can't lift more than an inch or so when I walk, a new appreciation for vehicles, some good information, and some tough questions for myself.

Oh. Since I left college with an Associate's degree two years ago (due to personal reasons and financial trouble) I notice that college girls outnumber college guys immensely. Plus, they look like high school girls now, instead of college girls, which was off putting. It makes me that much more happy that I have a beautiful, caring girlfriend... I don't have to 'settle for immature girls to gawk at' when I have her to think about instead.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-06
Written: (5205 days ago)

Poetry Arena's still looking for mods and submissions. Message me or [Nightshadow]. Get your asses over there and vote, too.

WC Monthly is still looking for... anything. Message me.

Nanowrimo 2006 is there to list your 'wrimo messes. Takes half a minute.

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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-05
Written: (5207 days ago)

Poetry Dueling Arena

Vote. Submit. Prove to everyone that you do more than just breathe and hit keys occasionally. Test yourself against others for exposure, for fun, or for the challenge of it.

Just do it, don't make me come to your house. Cause I won't.

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Written about Saturday 2006-12-02
Written: (5210 days ago)

I had another spar today. I was working on my low kicks in particular, since kicks are hard for a guy my size.

Good news is, I've dropped another seven pounds. I also worked on side control. I sparred with my shotokan karate-student brother Iz, got knocked around a bit. The most intriguing thing was I had a fight with a girl, and lost o.o She's a brazillian jiu-jitsu master, as it turned out. I gave her a good run. She punched me twice in the nose and once on the cheek. The coach was impressed with my attitude about it though. "You okay?" "Yeah, do it again."

I'm now a member of team Full Throttle, though it's really more of an honorary thing. Fun that!

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Written about Friday 2006-12-01
Written: (5211 days ago)

November's finally over. God, it was like a bad trip on old mushrooms, or so I've heard. 

Now it's time for christmas to start assaulting our patience and wallets once again. Also time for the bedraggled Nanowrimo masses to drag their stinking, worn down, beaten up carcasses back to this life! Welcome them with soap and hugs, since last year's lawsuits over the pitch forks were dull.

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-25
Written: (5217 days ago)

I'm back from North Carolina, where we spent two days on a Cherokee reservation. I won't go into the smarmy details of the trip, but suffice to say that it was nothing even close to what I'd envisioned, and I was trying to be a forward thinker on the matter anyway. I wasn't hoping for tents and longhouses or anything like that, but what I saw... made me sad.

Also, casinos are evil. I saw a man sitting between two slot machines, feeding them both money and playing them wildly at the same time. This guy wasn't playing to play, he was playing to win. At a casino, that's like shooting skeet to bring home dinner. I knew better than to do anything like that, thankfully, and only played ten dollars worth of poker.

My luck is awful with games like that. This isn't saying that God has it in for me, far from it. I think she likes me. But where gambling games are concerned... suffice to say that someone could give me odds on a coin toss, I could play both sides it would come out feet instead of heads or tails. Lady luck likes to sit on my shoulder and pet me with one hand while pimp slapping me with the other. In retrospect this is a very good thing... it keeps me from gambling my limited funds away. ^_^

In other news, I met a pair of twin persian kitties while I was there, and a gorgeous huskie. The persians were cool, though they reminded me of my Priss who passed just recently, with typical arrogant cat personality. One of them had seven toes on each of its front paws. o.O I didn't believe it when they told me, but sure enough, it had seven well formed toes. It still looked funny, but they functioned just fine.

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