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Welcome to the Writersco Poetry Dueling Arena!

Here you have a chance to pit your own poems against those of your peers in active, one-on-one competition. Winners are determined by the body of authors that is, via wiki-polls located on each category's page.

Yes, participation in this activity, whether by dueling, voting, or just chatting will help keep this function alive and well. Believe me: a single person, especially a single regular, makes a huge difference. 

Make absolutely sure you read The Rules first, and then head on over to submit your poems!

Kick back, have fun, and enjoy this challenge to your writing ability.


The Rules - This should be your first stop.
Submit Your Poems - After you've read the rules, that is.
Arena FAQ - Read before asking, if you please.
How It Works: Extended Edition
PDA Banners - Help us spread the word with a banner on your page!

Arena Mods
The Entrants
The Victors



Unfortunately inactive at present.

As you all know, when you win at the PDA you get a nice little comment in your badge box about how many times you've won here. Not many contests can offer that.

Old News

The arena is starting back up under new management. As of now, you can direct your questions, complaints and roses to [Annie] and [Calann]!

Duels are now permanently up for a minimum of two weeks at a time.


Active Duels

We are inactive at present

Awaiting Challengers





If you have any questions, please thoroughly scour How It Works: Extended Edition, The Rules, and Arena FAQ for the answer. If your question survives all that, feel free to contact [Annie] or [Calann] for help.


Worthy Causes

Unlazy Poets - a themed monthly poetry contest!

Username (or number or email):


2008-03-30 [Annie]: Well, I could attempt it. It'd be lovely to have them all dueling at once for a change. ;)

2008-04-14 [Calann]: The champion of the Natural dueling chamber is retired... anyone up to taking its place?
Submit something to Civilization while you're at it, would you? And for the love of everything that is holy: Please, VOTE!

2008-04-19 [Calann]: Come on. Vote. Please? *kitty eyes*

2008-04-27 [Annie]: Two weeks and there were 2 votes...

I try to make a joke in every poll and you still don't vote! I guess that tells me how good my jokes are. Pshaw.

2008-06-10 [Calann]: I'm going to give the current poll one more vote period, because I absolutely refuse to let one meager vote decide...

2008-06-28 [Annie]: GASP
3 votes in each category!!!
-heart attack-

2008-06-28 [Calann]: Omg :O

2008-06-30 [Annie]: Whee!!! 4 votes in Intangible!! :DDDD

2008-07-01 [AuroraLumos]: *waves* I vote every time!! ^-^ aren't I lovely? (just haven't thought of anything to enter yet XD)

2008-07-01 [Annie]: Yes you are.

2008-07-02 [AuroraLumos]: ^-^

2008-07-03 [Annie]: Five votes in intangible!! <3

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: *Haunts*

2011-03-13 [Calann]: Only ghosts here. :P

2011-03-13 [Annie]: Haha..I considered bringing this one back to life, but I'm not sure it's ready yet...Not sure we have enough active members yet.

2011-03-13 [Akayume]: So sad. :( I actually stumbled upon this by accident. XP

2011-03-13 [Annie]: Haha...well, it had trouble staying afloat even when we had plenty more active members.

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Awwww. :(

2011-10-03 [Annie]: Ya I miss it. It was a good little contest.

2011-11-10 [Calann]: *pets it* Poor little arena.

2011-11-10 [Annie]: Ya.....

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