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Name: Wednesday


<img:> In other words: ME!

Im a writing freak and love to spend hours at Elftown, Elfwood and the new place: WritersCo.

Check out [Nytmare]'s page! His my best bud! Hey, stated our tag writing!!! Survivor: the Darkness


Just to give you an idea, here is something I have writen some time ago.

Birds over my head...wind through my hair...oh why, I'm so sad. I know I'm alone. Everybody had already left. My feet in the sand...hands hold me tight...oh why, I'm so sad. Was this the end? Was it all just going to come to a stop? No more birds over my head...wind strikes at my face, oh why, I'm so sad. I look out before me. The wave so big it frightens me. Coming with great speed. Sand blew from my feet...hands grab me tight...oh why, I'm so sad. The water wave so near. Rising above my head. No sand...hands oh hands, hold me tight. I close my eyes and wait for my watery grave, oh why, I'm so sad...


*Having the eyes to see more than there is to see, is a gift as good as gold*


when thoughts overwelm me, i float like a wraith, into a emotionless world full of questions, and unanswerd statements. The questions would haunt me in what seem to be endless days where time does'nt exsist. And the answers would hide from me in a deep dark hole underneath thick black mist covering, protectiing them. the statements and facts would be stones in my way, making me trip over them. Later, I would lose count on how many times i tripped over them and fell. Only until someone grabs and shakes me, i would fade away from that world, and turn back into my own human self...


*HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN THE TIME TO....* with the rain, at stormy cold nights?

...laugh with the sun, as it tickels you all over?

...make the wind your wings, and fly off to forgotten worlds?

...swim in the clouds when their as white as snow?


Something caught her eye. A little stone, two feet away from her, half buried in the grey sand. Her mother stood behind her, looking out over the beach, not notching as the young child bend down to pick the small shining stone up. For a confusing second, everything flashed a bright white in front of the child’s eyes, and in a blink things were back to normal – only the child’s mother was no where to be seen. The child didn’t start to cry or scream at her mother, for she was used to be left alone to wonder where ever she wanted. Looking down into her hands, she saw the little shining stone had disappeared, and instead of the stone, it looked like a small bug sitting in her hand. The small bug looked up at the girl and smiled. It spread its wings and flew up into the air to hover right before the child’s eyes. Then the child noticed the bug didn’t look anything like a bug, it looked like a small person with wings.
“Who are you?” Asked the child
The small bug-person smiled again, and flew off into a direction away form the beach. As the small child had no idea what was going on, she sheepishly followed the bug-person without a thought. They went on like this for a while, the bug-person looking over his shoulder at the child, and the child following. It wasn’t long before they reached some bush, then forest. The child has never been here, but found the place not too scary so she continued. After a while, the bug-person stopped, and turned back to the child. The child was about to ask where they are, when behind the bug-person, millions of millions of other strange looking bug-people appeared.

“Chantelle! What on earth are you doing?”
Chantelle looked up from her daydream, and noticed that she was hands and fingers dugged into the soft ground they were sitting upon. Slowly she lifted her fingers from the ground, and found that in her hand lay a small shining stone. It looked exactly like the one in her daydream, and with a flash of white light before her eyes, she knew she wasn’t dreaming, it had happened to her before…



*Everybody's hiding something*

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