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Name: Kat Moss


Not terribly pretty by "high school standards," but I don't care. ^_^ Fear my spots! Aha!

Hello all, I am Katie (Kat) Moss, avid writer and a "misguided soul hooked on role-playing like it was crack" (or so says Natasha).

I don't really have a case for wanting to be on here other than pleading insanity against words. I love them. I love reading. I love writing. So maybe I do have a case.

I pride myself on my grammar and usually decently long posts (at least five sentences normally). Back in the seventh, eighth, and some of ninth grade I was even writing a story with a friend; normally she would do the writing while I came up with the plot if need be, and did all of the editing. She currently is also trying to get on here, so if she does I will link her and the story.

While I do love writing a good sort children's story or book by myself, I feel my true calling is role-playing. If it were a religion, I would treat my computer as the alter and my characters as the saints. Now that may be going a bit overboard, but then again I've always been a drama-queen. And now I'm rambling...

In any case, I would love to be a member of this community, and I would love you all if I were accepted.

PS: I despise anyone wishing to "roleplay" out cyber-sex. It's pathetic, rude, and really quite useless.

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Gender: female


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