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sequeena_rae  Writings  (It's been two years...)

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Name: Sarah


I'd say this was an up to date picture of me but I'd be lying.

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Update 06/04/2008

Well it's been two years since I was last here. What happened in that time? I finished college, I have a job, and I stopped writing.

Too busy for it I suppose. I hope to pick up the pen again one day (or type), but I can't see it happening for a long while.

If you really want to get in touch with me you'll find me over at Elftown where I'm like uber popular and stuff </sarcasm> or at deviantART.

Hope you're all having fun here,

Squee xxx

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An attempt for me to come here more often. Always being updated.

A list of my favourite authors
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Terry Pratchett
JK Rowling
Dan Brown
Terry Goodkind
Terry Brooks
James Herbert
Garth Nix

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