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Petals of the Reincarnate  Writings  (The hilarity of my pants (Part 1)

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Name: Elle

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To pour our thoughts and images onto paper, in the form of pictures or prose, we are creating a unique bloodline.

One which origionally lived and breathed.

It gave us air in life, it gave us warmth and shelter, and even now, in death, it represents life.
It is a creator in it's own right. A pallet, a surface, a plateau which resonates our screaming emotion.

They are our children, concieved, nurtured, and carved into our own image, or of how we would like life to be.

Each ’child’ has a piece of our soul, our very own personal contribution, our collective souls, our 'D.N.A', our bloo swea and tears uniquely signatured, and embedded into them.

-Elle (Bolls)

To put it bluntly, I adore writing. I love reading. I love absorbing knowledge. My main favourites are philosophy, microbiology, psychology, autism, ADD, and anything else thats of interest. I'm like a magpie. Except its wih books, and not shiny things. 

I'm very friendly, and very inquisitive. I'm also very deep, and I am often, its fair to say; described as a dreamer, or deep in thought. And whilst this might suggest a rather chilled attitude towards things, it couldn't be further from the truth. I can be quite 'strung out' at times.

I have always been described as someone with an old soul. I don't look old, for my years, but I appreciate those who do have a hard life, and their story can be told line after line upon their faces.

I am very honest. Too honest, sometimes.

Age: 24

Gender: female

Working/study place: Near where I live

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