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Mrs. Bilbo Baggins  Writings  (Will never come back...)

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Name: Elwyssa


me and my singerman ty herndon

Member Type: Writer

I have been writing ever since i was really little. I rather call those just a simple form of me because i always perferred lord of the rings and stuff like star wars. you can just say that i am a total freak when it comes to lord of the rings and so is my family because we are the ones who look alot like the hobbit i look like a bit of merry brandybuck and my father actually looks like elrond from rivendell but my mom also looks an awful lot like rosie cotton gamgee! But i perferr to write about what happend to the lord of the rings characters after the war of the ring! plus just for kicks i love to write about my character from my newest manga comic strip...Sword of Ice. Her parents were born different races (her father from mirkwood was elvish and her mother a human from laketown/dale) but when she was born her parents were killed by her aunt Odika Princess of Mirkwood and she decided to send her back to her mothers country area of laketown where she grew up and she becomes a great sword weilder and over throws her dictating aunt who becomes queen of mirkwood! but then she finds herself going on and on to find out who her real parents were and to fulfill anything that they did not finish in their early lives (besides when you are a young girl about 14 years old in human but when you have to be back for a school and sword practice from her adoptive human father Rannyn of Dale and mother Nydamwen of rohan. But ends up going on adventures to the future and the past of middle earth through a time pendant that has been given to her by her mother and father when she was a young baby (nearly a newborn). I also like to write diary forms of stories that i read like the one that i wrote called Times of death...Diary of Elwyne Sindar Princess of the west.

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Hobbit Writers Stories Not currently finished i will notify once a few stories are up^^
Mrs. Bilbo Baggins Photos Just a few photos on can come on here now

If this is the place to be able to write here and not be judged by others that think that this stuff is stupid and crazy i think this is the place to be and it seems like a very cool place to come and hang out. and if i get in this will be the best thing that has ever happend to me! thank you for your time and patiance

Age: 15Year of birth: 1992Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 17

Gender: female

Working/study place: My mental mind!

Place of living: My room


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