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Name: tabi


i am 5'8" female love to write poetry and short stories petraning to romance.

i love my bf preston he is my inspiration to write my poetry.

i also have an account on elftown [Ms. Saltshaker]

here is a sample of my writings:


You might think that one is crazy when one shakes or quivers when she feels all “ALONE.” But yet when she is alone in a room she is just fine. But know you ask yourself what in the heck am I talking about. Well let me explain why this girl hates to be “ALONE.”

Yes I know she seems strand and weird
But really this girl is far from either one of these
Yes it’s true she hates to be “ALONE” but not in the alone you are thinking
Cause in all actually when she is alone she does her best thinking

The part of her life that she fears about being “ALONE”
Is in the since of love, relationships, partnership, friends, marriage. Etc.
She fears that with out someone to do all these things her life will end
She fears that without someone wanting or doing these entire things towards her
Makes her feel like she is like nothing

So in all reality she is a sweet and caring person
It’s just that she wants to be loved, cared for like she does for everyone else
She doesn’t want to be left alone in the romantic world
She wants to share her love, passion with ones that are special
That she knows will appreciate it and
That all her love and care is not a total waist

Age: 18Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Working/study place: Rosehill, BCC

Place of living: Derby


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