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Name: Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia-that should answer any/all questions


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My hair, deep brown to almost be black is cut short to open my features and accent my eyes, identical pools of colbolt.

I stand just under 5'6". I am slim, and built (years of street fight training, wrestling with friends, hikes in the woods, catch and release evasions and weight lifting).

When i am not training or in class i am writing. It is my escape from the physical. It is also my saving grace, and a huge part of why i am still here. (Thank-you Mr. Baldchin for teaching me that i had something to say and that there were those who would listen. I have finally found my word. That word is together, because it was you who taught me, and together I took the world by storm).

I have been published 3 times to date, the first being while i was in grade 8. I placed 4th,(w00t honourable mention). I say this because all those i was up against were in grade 12 or 13. I'd say i did rather well myself, but i suppose that is for you to decide. Only know this, i am happy for what i have done and nothing will ever change that.

I am, who I am. Take it or leave. If you leave it then fair well you were never meant to be a part of my life, and if you take it welcome.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

Working/study place: my room/the cave

Place of living: The Cave

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