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Name: Denise


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        So this is time for me to speak randomly about, I guess, myself. Let’s see. Besides all the a/s/l stuff you can find down the page, you should know I’m a fantasy lover, I am interested in everything related to mythology and mythical creatures, legends and mysteries (such as, how the heck did they actually build those pyramids?!) Some say I have a twisted sense of humour, because things like Two ants sat down on a stone and counted a ball make me lose my breath laughing. Yes, I like absurd things. Eugene Ionesco included.
        Back to the mystery part, I love the fantastic literature (see Mircea Eliade’s novels, such as “The Snake”, “Miss Christina” , “The Secret of Dr. Honigberger” or “With the Gypsy Girls” and Tsvetlan Todorov’s theory of the fantastic if you’re unsure of what it is). I am also attracted to everything that is old, from pyramids to medieval ruins and castles, and I like wearing medieval-elfish clothes from time to time.
        Speaking of literature, my favorites of the moment are Terry Pratchett (you didn’t see that one coming up, did you, bwahahaha), Mircea Eliade and Haruki Murakami (now reading "South of the Fronteer, West of the Sun"). As for the list of all-time favorites, there are: Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, John Steinbeck, Daphne du Maurier, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Vladimir Nabokov, Hector Malot (and there must be more of them, but I never wrote them down on a list, and my memory isn’t anymore what it used to be in my youth).
        Reading is my drug; I read in the library, on the street, in the bathroom, in the park, in the car, bus, subway, train, while standing, sitting, walking, taking a bath, eating, cooking... to make it short, I read everywhere, everything and at any time.
        I feel like home in the nature. I can lay on the grass and watch the sky and listen to the wind for hours, it makes me feel like I am a child of the earth and it gives me inspiration to write. This is why I’d love to visit places like Scotland, Ireland or Norway.
        I love writing, even if I have the writer’s block at the moment. My poems and texts have nature as background, sometimes even as main character (for example in my “Song of a Planet” or “Song of a Park”). As for the poems, I only write them when I’m in love, so don’t expect anything deeply philosophic *laughs*.


A little piece of writing

... From feathers of white wings I made the canvas and I smoothed it with my breath. From flakes of clouds and light I made my brush, I used the dreams of the flowers for my colors. I took a deep breath, seeking you in me – and I started painting.
  I found your face in the dreams realm, and I soaked my brush into the night for your hair. To paint your eyes, I looked into the waters, there where the light can no longer get, where the depth becomes brown. From tree heart, from forest shadow, from cold wind whisper, from wave strength I made your body, with feline undulation, deceptive like a snake – I painted you the way I have dreamt you.


Age: 23Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

Working/study place: Romania

Place of living: North of Romania

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