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Alexandra the Great

Member #77 created: 2005-05-27 20:32:09Simple URL:   

Name: Alexandra


Me trying to look Sessy.. *smiles then shrugs* it was not as bad as it could of been...

Im new here but hey! I don't mind I will fill in more later though...




Something I wrote for my friend that I still love and always will *hugs friend*

If you were to die...
I would be crushed from the inside...
I would not look at anything the same...
I would have a scar that would never go away...
I would cry and sob till there were no more tears for me to shed...
I would find pleasure in nothing...
I would not be able to find happiness again...
I would become hard inside and not allow anyone else to get close...
I wouldn’t be human anymore.. If you were to die... I would die to...



The Eight Guardians


I was one of the first 100 people to join! yay, I now feel special :)

Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 6

Gender: female


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