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Akane; Il Sangue Bevitore (How Much Of You Is Listning...?)

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Name: Twilight Star

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Welcome To The House Of Twilight. Ignore the blood-stains.
Always be weary of what lurks in the dark.

Maybe in the end
    We got just what we deserved.

You're Nothing.
Just Fleeting.
Not Lasting.
Not Real.

I honestly think I am wasting my time. How much of you is listening? 

Do you wish to know me?

   Do you think you know who I am?

Well you don't

   Nor will you ever should you keep

Looking forward instead of behind.

Keep Walking Towards The Light, And One Day You Will See The Reasoning Behind My Words.

You can tell me again and again that I am;
or hated.

Just don't ever tell me that I am talentless

If a part of you absolutely must know, then I shall tell you what I am; I am simply, who I am.

I am a writer.

  I am a singer.

I am a visionary.

  I am a poet.

I am too caring.

  I am afraid.

I am a friend who tries to
  Avoid getting too involved.
I am a person who loves dark things
  No matter what you think.
I am not happy
  But I am contented.

I am not a conformist
  Don't even start

I am a lover
 Who has no one to love.

I enjoy picking at old wounds
  In order to get a reaction.
I am a sadist
  With a corrupted soul.

And I am most certainly

  not who you think I am

I have been formally

  Rejected by fate


The last thing I want is control, the last thing I have is stability.

It isn't your job to fear

 Nor am I looking for sympathy.

I have none to give

 Even less to receive

And my heart has long time

  Frozen over.

So accept me as I am
  And judge me not for what you think I am.
You have no way to see it.
  No way to know who I really am.
I don't need your pity.
  I need to continue as I am.
Because I take pity on you,
  For being an angel
In a world of devils.
  And I take pity on you
Because you still believe
  That I am pure.

Why can't we just admit that we hate eachother?
   At least then we would have something in common

Superficial Pains

It isn't my job to care

So I shall keep my distance

And close my eyes so that

I can remain blind to the

World that lays so

Dimly before me.

It isn't my job to worry

So I shall cry at night,

As long as no one sees

Me do so then I shall

Be safe from my own heinous

Nightmares and hate.

It is not my job to carry you

When your pain becomes

Too much to bear on your own

And you crumple under the weight

Of your own inabilities.

It isn't my job to pick you up

When you fall of a mountin side

And hit every rock on the way down,

In order to distract yourself

From your own inner pains.

It isn't my job to love you

After you single handedly ripped

Out my heart and mutilated what

Was left of my empty soul.

And it is most certinally not my

Job to care for you when you

Stand with a shovel with a rusted blade

And ask me to help you dig your own

Shallow grave so that you may hide

From the wretched world we live in.

So I shall leave you to your own doing

And I shall pray for your redemption,

And I shall remember you as you were

But I shall never care about the

Person that you have let yourself become.

Your so poorly made
that your heart is black
and your soul is empty
and your coming apart.
No one stands beside you
no one cares about you
you dont even care
about yourself anymore.
you're alone in the darkness
you cry in the night
you beg to be accepted,
and are met with silence.
Yet still you serch for
your purpose on this
wreatched, cruel world.
You poor accursed soul.
We may just be.
Fit to rot.
Together forever.
You poor helpless fool.
Eternity has no means
To cleanse our filty souls.
And so we will wander,
two lost souls in this
fragile earth
longing for a purpose.

What have I left to say?
You're one of the lucky ones. Now get out.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 22

Gender: female

Working/study place: Home, School, Room

Place of living: Dresdin, Germany


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