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*Artsie's* Writersco Graphics


These computer generated, digital graphics are made by me, are copyrighted and so, belong to me, Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly,
known here on Writersco as [Galadriel], unless otherwise specified. I won't use the name of "Artsieladie" here because the owner of
this site is slandering my online handle currently and I will not give him another opportunity to slander my name even more.

Any of my graphics/art cannot be used without my permission per piece. If you would like to, please leave a comment, specifying which
piece or pieces and what exactly you want to use it/them for. If you're a member of this site, we can interact here. If you are not, there
are other ways to contact me, which I provide on my "Contact Page": Contact-Artsieladie.

I love being creative. If someone wants or needs a graphic or graphics made, please Contact-Artsieladie. I save my images as PNGs
because its a good quality format.

Generally speaking, I'm not difficult to communicate with and I'm fair and reasonable. But if someone is trying to pull a fast one on me,
please be warned, I do not take kindly to such. ..And I don't take kindly to those who STEAL my work, as the owner of this site has
done and IS doing to me, on another of his sites, along with slandering my name and invading my privacy.


Total: 191 images


*Artsie's* Banners

Total: 01 images

*Artsie's* Bullets

Total: 00 images

*Artsie's* Dividers

Total: 09 images

*Artsie's* Misc

Total: 53 images

*Artsie's* Seasonal & Holidays

Total: 93 images
*Artsie's* Christmas/Winter Art
Total: 69 images
*Artsie's* Easter/Spring Art
Total: 00 images
*Artsie's* Halloween/Fall Art
Total: 22 images
*Artsie's* St. Patrick's Day Art
Total: 00 images
*Artsie's* Thanksgiving Art
Total: 02 images
*Artsie's* Valentine Art
Total: 00 images

*Artsie's* Welcome Mats

Total: 09 images

*Artsie's* Wordart

Total: 23 images

*Artsie's* Worded Dividers

Total: 03 images


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Artist: [Galadriel]
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2006-04-02 [Galadriel]: My index page to my graphics that Writersco members can use here on Writersco!  :))

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