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2007-07-14 02:41:13
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Now for everyones' favorite part . . . .


1) You may only enter your own work. No exceptions.

2) Do not be rude, in any way, shape or form

3) No less than 100 words, no more than 2000

4) This will be done by general poll. If you submit and entry, you must vote in the poll and you may not vote for yourself.

5) Keep it clean. It doesn't need to be overly graphic(and I mean that in both terms of violence and sexual content). The sight is open to people of all ages and as such, keep it age appropriate.

6) Format:

1) [Today for you, tomorrow for me]: [Link to writing] - # of words

7) Have fun!



Greeks myths . . . love them, don't you? You are to take a well known greek myth or conflict, such as Pandora's story or the confilict between Hera and Hercules, and twist it ever so slightly. I don't want just another retelling, I want you to change a key element of the myth while staying true to the original story. In other words, anything goes, as long as its plausible. Good luck to you and HAVE FUN!



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Whenever ... not any time soon, I assure you. Don't worry,I on't leave you in the dark. The deadline will be decided and posted at least a month in advance.


The entries!

1. [Kaimee] - 5.Mixed Poetry&Prose.His Sister's Game, 1338 wds. Based on the Pandora myth.
2. [Kuzco] - 212.Tale of Troy with a twist, 691 words. Based on the Tale of Greece versus Troy.



1. [RiddleRose]
2. [Calliope]
3. [Kaimee]
4. [Kuzco]


For more contests see Flipside

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2006-06-07 [Calliope]: Oo I love this idea. I'll see what I can come up with ;)

2006-06-07 [RiddleRose]: har har... i have a few ideas already... myths are SO my specialty... XD *evil cackle*

2006-06-07 [Today for you, tomorrow for me]: Good, I'm glad y'all like it!

2006-06-22 [Eidlevice]: How do I enter??

2006-06-22 [RiddleRose]: push the "edit this page" button, then add your name below [Kaimee]'s. then, to post your writing, post it like this: [Eidlevice]: [the name of the writing@writings] - number of words

2006-06-28 [RiddleRose]: what happens if two people accidentally use the same myth? is that all right?

2006-06-29 [Kaimee]: I assume the stories will be rather different anyways :P

2006-07-01 [RiddleRose]: so i started mine... but i'm going to be gone until august 7 or thereabouts... is it at all possible to hold off the deadline 'til after that? *hope hope*

2006-07-03 [Today for you, tomorrow for me]: Yeah. Right now there really is no deadline, so that one be a problem

2006-09-06 [RiddleRose]: it's going well! but now school has started, so i will have a bit more limited writing time. i shall do my best!

2007-02-02 [RiddleRose]: got a great outline...

2007-07-14 [Kuzco]: Got in an entry. Don't know if it counts but it was the story I wanted to work in.
Also, sorry it's in rhyming fashion, if I do it prose I'd definitely go over the word limit.

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