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Yay ideas! These are [Emily]'s ideas, because I need a place to store stuff... you can feel free to just ignore this page, or provide any comments or add-ons to my ideas (that would be SO helpful!). Thanks!

Idea 1:

Story about a boy/girl growing up with two gay parents... genders yet to be specified. The young person will be a teenager, and curious, and will go looking for their parent of opposite sex.

Idea 2:

'Grade A Bitch', basically a woman who married a millionaire, and ... I suppose, lost the sense of what she believes she's worth.

Idea 3:

Two sisters or females that relate to each other, one has a necklace for them, something enchanted. The other becomes jealous and steals it, and when she wears it it chokes her and makes her turn blue.

Idea 4:

Something about a sexy groupie at a concert. May involve alcohol and drugs. Not fantasy.

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