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Spike, a tall dark figure mostly covered in black, walks in the bar and sits down on one of the chairs that is sitting in front of the bar. While he reaches behind the counter, Sephen walks in. As Spike pulls out a bottle of vodka from behind the bar, Sephen says “hey dude!” and Spike replies “hey what’s up” whiles he pours himself a drink. Sephen takes a seat at the far end of the bar and orders a large beer, and grabs it when it slides to him. He takes a sip and then pays the bartender.

While this is happing a young woman in her early 20’s called Annie. She walks in and sits down at on the booths in the corner in the bar, whish is light just enough so she can edit an interview, whish she just got done with, so it will go with the rest of the article that she finished writing just before the interview.

Spike turns his head and glances slightly at Annie and smiles lightly and goes back to his drink. He reaches down into his bag and pulls out a magazine that Annie works for. While he is turning the pages to the main article, she notices him out of the corner of her eye and smiles softly amazed that she ran into one of the people that reads her companies readers. She goes back to writing, taking the words of her interviewee and weaving them into a story that will interest the happy few readers of her company's magazine.

Spike pretends to read the main article wondering if he should say hi to Annie or not. He sighs and puts the magazine away and grabs his stuff, and sits down across from Annie. She looks up at him from her paper as he sits down. "Hello." she says, and doesn't comment on his magazine that is in his bag. "Hi," Spike replies "How are you?" she asks, "pretty good, could be better though. What about you?" he asks. She looks at her paper and back up at Spike. "I'm alright, a little tired, as usual. Life is busy." She glances at the strangely huge beer that slid down the bar to Sephen. Spike smiles and also looks down at the beer that Sephen ordered. He looks back at Annie "here let me get you a drink,” he asks “what do you want?” "Water is fine,” she says, and asks "what brings you to this old bar?"

Sephen yawns lazily and then finished the rest of his drink in one long drink and orders another. Spike sighs, and looks at you Annie "I was just going through this town and decided to stop here.” "I see." Annie says and turns to Sephen, "Hey, what's with the mammoth drinks?" Sephen looks up at her, quite shocked. "...y'know what, I have absolutly no idea..." he says slightly drunk, and looks down at the drink in his hand and sighs. Annie chuckles and says, "Well, you must have something on your mind. Come have a seat." she says. He smiles and walks over, "thanks" Spike looks over at Sephen as he walks over and moves over to give him some room. Sephen walks over and sits down smiling.

Spike turns his head and looks at Sephen, "so whats up?" he asks. Annie nods, "Yes, what ails you?" Spike nods winces slightly, and puts his hand over a bite mark that he got going to the bar. He pulls his hand away from his bleeding chest and looks down at the blood on his hand and sighs deeply. "uhh…" Sephen says looking at the both of them, then sighs "nothing much really… just came here to get away from my brothers." Annie looks down at Spikes hand and then asks, "What happened to you??" while she pulls out a scarf for a makeshift bandage. She hands it to Spike's and then turns to Sephen. "I see, were they being annoying?" she asks. "Extreamly" he says and watches Spike take off his swords along with his coat and clearly sees a row of teeth on the front and backside of him and the cloth of the shirt stuck in the bite, and says "dude, that can't be good for ya.” Annie looks at Sephen "Hah, I'm not going to bandage it for him, he can do it himself. It's his cut, his folly, and now it's his scarf too. I'm sorry to hear your brothers were annoying. Anything they did that will surprise me?" she asks. “Well nothing they've done recently, but ," he pulls his hair up from his left eye and they can see there is no eye there, "Eddie did that. i was like, 5"

Spike looks sighs and steps out of the booth and sits down at the booth next to the one he was just in. He cuts off his shirt around the bite mark, and takes off the rest his t-shirt. As he pulls out his dagger and starts cutting the t-shirt out if the bite he looks at Sephen's missing eye and states bluntly "I would like to see what you look like after getting attacked by 20 werewolf’s.” Pulling the cloth around his bite mark on his chest and back he says an incantation and the scarf gets longer and tightens when he finishes "thanks". "I bet I’d look better then you do." Sephen says as he forms a flame in his hand, "they see fire and most of them run. well... most of the time... other times, you hafta take em down" Spike looks at Sephen "Don’t you think that I would of tried that," he says making†fire ball in his hand " and it isnt working anymore" he says as putting the ball of fire out with his hand, and puts another shirt on. Sephen shrugs "Well then just get a silver bullet and shoot the buggers.” “You know not everyone carry’s guns around.” Spike says and pulls out his swords.

"You're welcome." Annie says to Spike and adds. "Well, that's pretty weird looking...I'm glad I don't have any siblings that I know of. So Spike, you got attacked by wolves, while Sephen, you got attacked by siblings...and I'm just here to edit my interview. Boy am I at the wrong bar." She chuckles. Sephen smiles and stretches. "Well, these things happen don't they? sods law really, heh." "Sod's?" Annie asks turning her head from Spike and looking at Sephen.

".....well then I recomend F.A" Sephen says turning around and looking at Spike. Spike turns his head and looks at him "what are you talking about, they are all dead already in the ally that they attacked me in.” “Then do you need some sort of back up?" asks Selene her young figure stepping from a dark shadow. Sephen looks around looking at Selene, "Yo where did you come from!” he asks and then turns back to Spike saying “Well at least you killed them." "Well have to give you credit on that one." Selene says with a rye smile to Spike ignoring Sephen’s question. "What you think I would of let the one that took a bite out of me live." Spike says pointing to his side. "Only if you were stupid enough to do so." says Selene cocking her head to the side. Sephen laughs, "heh, I like her" then stretches again

Annie watches Spike, Sephen, and Selene in happy silence, thinking she might like to weave their conversation into a story...though it would likely never be published. Sephen yawns "I should probably go soon... got some stuff to do... and keep Vergil from punching Max across the room again, heh." Spike nods and looks at Sephen “Yea you might want to before what happened to you happens to one of them.” Then he gets up and goes to the bar and grabs the entire bottle of vodka. "Well I guess we will be seein' ya." Selene says to Sephen. His eyes widen "zomg…" then he runs out of the bar. Spike looks at Sephen run out "I wonder what gotten into him.” He says taking a drink out of the bottle. "Musta been in a hurry." Selene says sounding not really interested. Spike sighs "but what about his last word” he says sounding slightly worried. Sephen rushes back into the bar and kisses Selene softly on the lips and whispers softly into her ear "you are so hot" then runs off again. Spike looks at Selene "well you are" he says smiling softly. They hear Sephen shouting as he runs off "WOOOOO!!" Selene stands there blinking, confused about what just happened. Spike chuckles softly to himself looking at the expression on Selene’s face and then finish the bottle of vodka in his hand.

Annie raises en eyebrow. "Strange." "You’re telling me. That was really awkward. I think I shall return later." Selene says†as she calmly leaves the bar. Spike smiles and tosses the empty bottle in the trash can and sits down at one of the bar stoles again and looks at his shirt where the blood is starting to come out of the bandages. "Perhaps you should see a doctor?" Annie suggests. Selene walks back into the bar. "I think Annie is right, you should." "I have before with the bit on my arm and they couldn’t do a damn thing, so I just have to let it heal on it's own" Spike says as he moves his long swords out of the way. Selene steps back and give Spike a funny look. "Tried a vampire doctor, they could patch you up nicely?" "Probably a good idea." Annie concurs. Spike sighs, "I have tried all kinds of doctors and no one has been able to help, the only thing I have found that works is time."

Shaida walks in the bar. "Hello everybody" she says. Spike looks up "hi" he says as blood starts showing through his shirt. Turning to look at Shaida "Ello, young one." Selene says.

Elizabeth quietly slips into the bar, looking about herself... making sure not to draw attention to herself heads over to the pool table and sets up the table before playing. Spike sees Elizabeth walk to the pool table and says "hi" to her, and grabs a cue. She looks up at Spike and says “hello” catching his eye for a short time before looking back down at the table. Spike gets up and puts the cue away, and sits down at another pool table and watches Elizabeth. Selene sneaks up on Elizabeth. "Ello hun, how have you been?" she asks as she pulls Elizabeth in for a hug. Spike looks at Selene and raises an eyebrow. Elizabeth jumps as Selene hugs her then giggles to herself, "I've been fine, yourself?" she asks and hugs Selene back tightly "it's good to be home.”

Sephen walks back into the bar, dancing slightly as he walks, "i'm back, celebrate!" Elisabeth looks at Sephen and smiles..."you look like you won the lottery." "Heh! I wish" he spins around and claps his hands before he stops dancing and asks, "So what's happened here since I’ve been gone?" "Not much.... just a few random fights... and Spike almost getting eaten." Elizabeth turns towards Spike and walks over to him...and hugs him tightly.. "I’m glad he wasn't." "Where’s my hug??" Sephen asks looking hurt. Elisabeth giggles and hugs Sephen asking "there happy?" and turns back to the others "oh I forgot there's talk of a werewolf turning against his kind." Sephen hugs back and licks her cheek. "Even happier now" he says smiling cheekily

Elisabeth pokes Sephen in his sides "you remember what happened last time" walks up to the bar and gets the whisker off the shelf "anyone want some?" "no thanks hun...." Sephen says as he sits down and lies across the seats "So how are your lovely brothers these days?" "Well... uh... annoying... Jesse missed having you around... Iain got all A's in his†GCSE's and is super happy.... that’s it... oh, Eddie broke his arm in his sleep. we found out that Joe had done it in his 'sleep'" Elisabeth smiles.. "Ohhh that's brilliant for Iain, I know he was so worried about those exams... hmm think I'll go see them later if that's ok with you Sephen I know they can be a bit of a handful" "Hell yeah! its fine with me, I live with Vergil and everyone now" "Fun, Selene are you ok? You've gone awfully quiet" Elisabeth says turning her head to looks at Selene

As Sephen keeps lying down he can only see Selene’s legs, "her legs are pretty quiet too..." Spike smiles and lays down on the pool table he is sitting on and asks, "when did I almost get eaten. Oh and Sephen it isn’t polite to looks at someone’s legs even if you are drunk” he add bluntly. "And bet you like looking at them to" Selene adds, ignoring Spike’s remark. "By the werewolf you plonk. By the looks of things, your only half here!!” Sephen says looking at Spike and turns his head and looks at Selene “....I guess they're nice to look at.... hey Selene, lemme see 'em" "Honestly Sephen you haven't changed a bit" Elizabeth says throwing her cloak at him, and then shrugs and sits down on a bench and hugs her knees. Sephen catches it and tucks it under his head, "and that’s a bad thing?" Elizabeth giggles looking at Sephen "not at all.. you always make me smile"

Spike smiles and gets up and walks over to where his long swords are and he jumps up on the table and lies down on the table. Selene stands in silence wishing that she had something to throw at Sephen.

Elsewhere a young man in his early 20’s ,called Sebastian, wearing mostly black makes his way towards the town.

"Selene?" Elizabeth says and turns to face Selene. Sephen feels a bad vibe and grabs the empty glass bottle from the table. "Yes Liz?" Selene says staring in her eyes. Sephen sneaks away towards the door of the bar glancing at Selene every now and again. "are you ok? you look pale" Elizabeth asks and looks towards the door. "I always look pale, and yes I’m fine." Selene answers and turns to look at the door, after catching her friend’s eye glance. Elizabeth shivers and turns back to the others "I think we have a visitor coming"

Sephen places the bottle on the bar and orders himself another large beer. He then looks at the door, ".... really?" "Yeah can't you feel it?" Elisabeth asks. At the edge of the town Sebastian finds an abandoned building settles himself down for the night. Selene shivers. "I can feel it." Elizabeth sighs and hugs her knees tightly. Spike sits up and takes off his jacket so it doesn’t get covered in blood as he looks around and gets the same feeling and pulls out his long swords. "Spike put those away, right now this instant." Elizabeth half shouting at Spike "you need to rest you're still bleeding." Spike sighs and puts one of them up, but makes it so he can easily grab it later. He looks at Elisabeth and walks over her and kisses her softly on the cheek to comfort her, and says, "I can still fight, I am not dead yet.” Elizabeth suddenly looks down at her watch, "damn look at the time, sorry guys I really have to go" hugs everyone before she runs out of the bar.

Spike†looks at Elizabeth as she runs out. Sephen stops then shivers, "yeah I can sort of feel it..." Spike looks at Sephen and says, "Now you see what I mean." Sephen lights a flame in his hand, "....yeah...." he says. Spike smiles and closes his eyes, and lights his sword on fire. Sephen stares at Spike sword wide-eyed and begins to drool. Sephen 'floats' over to Spike and holds a hand out to his sword, "...dude..."

Else where Sebastian stands by the window looking down at the street below him where he spots Elizabeth running towards her home. Sebastian jumps down from the window and lands right in front of Elizabeth. She screams when she's knocked to the ground from Sebastian kicking her down. She tries to stand up but is too weak to fight back. Sebastian knocks Elizabeth out quickly before she can scream, and carries her back to the building, knowing his orders. He moves quickly and quietly to do so without fail, tying her up making. He makes sure her eyes are covered to prevent her from using her powers as he stands guard over her, waiting for the others to come and rescue her.

Sephen hears the scream and looks at the door again, "...Liz?" he asks as Selene runs from the bar, after hearing the scream. "Liz!! I'm coming as fast as I can!" Sephen notices Selene and runs after her, drawing his own sword from his belt.

As elizabeth slowly comes round, she senses that she's not by herself, she can't see who or what was with her. Sebastian looks down at her remembering his past, memories of the one he'd loved came back to him, she looked awfully like her. He chuckles softly knowing soon the others will come for her. He looks down at Elisabeth and waits for then to come so he can talk to the one they call Spike.

With gun in hand Selene rounds the corner and points right in Sabastian's face. "If your smart, you'll let her go."

Spike runs out of the dar into the night. When he runs across Sephen he goes around him and puts his longsword up agent his neck, "you better be here when i get back" Spike whispers in Sephen ear. Then looking at what Sephen is looking at Spike says “You.” Before the figure disappears. Spike sighs and jumps ontop of the closet building and runs trying to find Elizabeth.

Shaida runs to Spike and screams, “Watch out, please!!” she says looking up at Spike. He looks at her "I will be fine, I haven’t died yet." Look behind you!! Shaida whispers to Spike, after jumping up on the building next to him. Spike sighs "I am ontop of a building who would be behind me.” He says looking over at her briefly before looking back at the city for Elizabeth. “Can't you see him??” Shaida says looking around. "i see someone but i don’t know who" Spike says looking around also stepping away from the edge of the building. “Well, it looks like he wants to attack you”, Shaida says scared. “He or she.” Spike says looking around. As Spike slowly turns he is pummeled from the side as he slides against the cool concrete all he catches is a faint scent of perfume. Then black.

Faith notices all the blood but has no time to worry whether or not she caused it. For now at least this stranger is safe. Before she has the chance to turn from her innocent she is smacked in the back with what feels like a metal pipe. She gets knocked to the ground she tastes the blood on the cement. Suddenly she is strengthened and jumps to her feet. "What are you doing here!" she damands looking at the stranger. But the attacker jumps off the side of the building, disappearing.

Spike slowly wakes up to see a beautiful figure running towards the edge of the building. "Wait!" he manages to whisper huskily. She jumps. He slowly stands back up and jumps of the building blocking the man. He puts his flame covered swords up to the mans neck and says "Tell me why you attacked me" Spike growls, pressing his sword into the mans neck. Something snapped behind him. Without taking his sword away from this mans throat spike turns to see someone strangely familiar, and beautiful. "Walk away from that man." she whispers. "Walk away now, you are no match for him."

Spike pulls out his other longsword and points it at the girl and says an incantation as the sword covers itself in black flame starting at the top "i don’t know what you mean Faith," he says smiling, as he remembers last time he saw her "Last time we meat we got off on the wrong foot."

"The wrong foot? I saved your sorry ass! Who are you?" Faith asks, scared but she doesn't show it. She doesn't know this man, how does he know her name? "I SAID, WHO ARE YOU!!!" She asks louder, her long fingers†clasping the edge of her sword hidden beneath her jacket. She thinks to herself “what do i do now?”

Spike pulls his sword away from the man and quickly punches the man in the head, before he is able to do anything. Watching him fall to the ground knocked out, before looking back at the woman in front of him "I was once your mate, that is how I remember your name Faith" but you walked out, and then the werewolves came and attacked the town and I was the only warrior there since you left and I killed the werewolves, but only after they destroyed the town.... and our son" Spike says his other longsword covering in black flame from his rage

Selene looks up at them on the room and yells from below. "Knock off the bickering, we have other things to worry about for now, you can pick it up later!" "Oh My....Spike! is that really you" Faith says as she tries to hold in her tears. "But, but....I didn't walk out! I swear I didn't. Not even you could possibly understand why I had to leave." "You walked out in the middle of the night and the next morning the damn werewolves came, so I figured that you sent them" Spike says as the color of the flames on his swords slowly die down until his swords become normal again. "I didn't walk out. I was running from I said you wouldn't understand." The burning tears streamed down her face. " You just wouldn't understand" she repeated, as the memories of her rape and mother came back to her.... "you wouldn't understand." Spike sighs and resheathes his swords, "then make me understand.” "No, Selene is right.....Let's go,” She says chaseing after Selene. Spike sighs "Fine, but try to explain it to me later" he says as he also follows after Selene pulling out his longswords smirking slightly as he hears the blades sliding agenst the sheath.

"Why did you pull your swords out?" Faith asks as she slightly grasps her own. "Where exactly are we going? Is this Selene someone to trust?" Faith glares at Selenes long, tan legs. ”Nice outfit” She mumbles to herself. Spike sighs and tells Faith telepathically well Elizibeth was attacked and we don’t know who attacked her, he tells her as he runs around the corner and stopping suddenly staring into Sab's eyes. "Woah!" who or what is that, she thinks glancing over at Spike.

Meanwhile, Sephen is pacing back and forth, slowly getting more and more angry, worried and scared. Millions of thoughts running through his mind, playing with a lighter in his hand, cursing in the air around him

Spike looks at Faith "just come on I’ll tell you later" he says as he grabs the mands neck and slams him back agenst the wall looking at him. Seb chokes on his laughter, Meanwhile he glares at Faith...."What" she asks. He mumbles something unrecognizable due to Spike fist at his throat. Faith shivers. "Creep" she mumbles

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2008-06-04 [Spike]: well this is part one of maybe 4 parts if we can get people back to working on the rp, if anything lets get another 10 pages of rp while wraping up the death of Kenlar, or maybe the almost death before Angline jumps in and takes him away at the last second

2008-06-04 [Caramel Eyes]: The story is very good and well written.

2008-06-04 [Spike]: ok well it isnt the hole part one maybe the first half of part one it is maybe only at page 4 of the actual rp

2008-06-04 [Ravendust]: Sound pretty good so far^^

2008-06-11 [Catalyst]: Very nice

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