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Written about Monday 2006-02-20
Written: (6191 days ago)


So, now I'm the admin over at Flipside. Intense!

Of course I want to do a bang-up job and take good care of my fellow Flipsiders, but it's a huuuuuge responsibility. I may end up needing some support and help with it, and I hope I can count on my friends and family to lend a hand if I beg and plead for one! :D

If anyone has any questions regarding anything over at Flipside, feel free to message me. I'm usually on pretty late at night EST (eastern standard time), but I'll reply to all messages when I get them, I swear it.

Have a great one!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-14
Written: (6197 days ago)

I'm pretty damn happy today.

I have a date with the man of my dreams this afternoon, and I can't wait!

I have wonderful friends whom I wouldn't trade for anything.

My family is a source of great support and encouragement, and I honestly like them!

Life is good!


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Written about Sunday 2006-02-12
Written: (6199 days ago)

Hey, look! I'm blogging! Whee!

Actually, I just thought I would tout my new story here. I wrote it for [Kaimee]'s Flipside contest, I want you to write Forgiveness. Apparently it came out better than I thought it had. Yay!

So, if you care to, check it out. 80.Unconditional

Let me know what you think, too, because I'm a total feedback hog. :D


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