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Written about Monday 2008-11-10
Written: (4980 days ago)

I haven't been around much, but I still come here for the two basics: submitting writings and keeping up my already-read and to-read -lists. I know that doesn't exactly help the community, but I've been really busy with life and other stuff, and have barely kept up with ET. So, apologies for all manner of let-downs that have happened. All I can say is that they are to be expected in the future also. :/

In nicer news, last Sunday I had an idea. I was walking through campus to get to a meeting-point to meet someone who would give me a lift to somewhere. It was really cold and I was all dolled up (heels and skirt etc...) and I was freezing. And even then, through all that (cold, heels), I still managed to get to the meeting point fifteen minutes early. Which then led me to think of this:
207.Human-People.15 Minutes Early
After we got back in the evening, I'd pretty much thought it through, so I sat down, wrote it, and Monday morning I sat down and typed it in, and here you go. So it unprecedentedly unedited, it hasn't gone through a rigorous self-critique - it's very raw, and I like that. I haven't had such creative energy in a long time.
I must admit that at first I thought it should be a comic, and I might still make it one day. But for now, it's a story.

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Written about Sunday 2007-03-11
Written: (5590 days ago)

Unlazy Poets is voting again. And the entries are really short this round so do drop by and vote, people! Please!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-02-13
Written: (5616 days ago)

See what I did:
iippo's bookshelf.
It's a kind of personality analysis/description of me through my bookshelf. :3 ([SilverFire]'s idea *blames*)
It's about me and since you like me, you'll like to read it. :D

Also, make one of your own!

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Written about Saturday 2007-01-06
Written: (5654 days ago)

Hi, sorry it's me again. Come join Fortunately, Unfortunately. :) Why you ask: because it seems that I'm the only one there on this side of the time zones, and when ever I get online there's millions of new comments, but all day when I'm online no one else comments and I can only make one comment for the millions the other people make when I'm sleeping. So please join even if you would be online when I'm sleeping.

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (5656 days ago)

More poetry-induced announcements.
Communal Renku. Watch it! [Kiddalee] is awesome, yet again. :)

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-24
Written: (5667 days ago)

Hello people, do help out at poetry dueling arena by voting in Free Verse. And hey, maybe you could drop a poem in there in a duel and make it a cool active thingie.

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Written about Saturday 2006-10-07
Written: (5745 days ago)

September 2006, Drabbles... :3

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Written about Wednesday 2006-09-27
Written: (5755 days ago)

What if...Voting
Please vote! And then participate in the next what if...

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Written about Friday 2006-08-18
Written: (5795 days ago)

I'd like to hold a writing contest, centering around dreams.
There'd be three to five topics to write about, and topics would be dreams I've had.
-The writers would write a dreamy text based on a real dream.
-One of the categories of judging would be the dreamy feeling of the text.
-The prize would be something dream-related... A framed picture, a dream interpretation book, one of those CDs with nature noises that's supposed to help you sleep..?

Would you enter? Would you like to donate a dream to be a topic (in case yours would be better than mine or I can't think of good ones)? What else would work as a prize?

After talking with other members, they'd prefer to write from their own dreams, so possibly change it to "write a dream" so the text must have a dream-feel to it.

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Written about Saturday 2006-08-05
Written: (5808 days ago)

View diff has changed also.
Thats about everything new I have to say right now.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-07-19
Written: (5825 days ago)

The new Elfpack-ish login way is not friendly to my way of net-browsing (un-maximised window, because I like to play Pokemon on an emulator and do internet at the same time). :( I wish ET at least will remain as the usual login page way, although this way, I admit, must look friendlier to non-logged in people.

I'll hold a non-serious poetry contest soon and I expect all of you who read this (and I know who you are!) to enter because you love me. I'll just decide what the prizes will be, I want to give real prizes... A book would be an obvious choice... But it probably would have to be in English and I might have better luck in finding a proper prize book in English in England. I'd also like the prize to be something that the winner wouldn't buy for themself, so it might not be a book. (I'm open to suggestions in this prize matter, and do remember that it can't be too expensive >_>)

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Written about Tuesday 2006-06-06
Written: (5868 days ago)

Omg! *points at Mainpage*
Omg! :P

*is so subtle and unselfish* :P

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-09
Written: (5926 days ago)

Possible topics for BBC book group discussions (if we get enough interest)

-heroism, bravery
-landscape (in expressing emotion and other stuff)
-growing up / end of innocense
-rite of passage

Bombard me with new suggestions

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