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A few words about my "writings".

Human-People are anecdotes, some based in real life, some made up but all told as truth (surprisingly many anecdotes are like that.)
Letters are... well, letters. To people who don't necessarely exist, telling things that necessarely didn't happen.
Doggerel is poetry, which is mostly made for its therapeutical influence on me, rather than any kind of noble poetic experience for the reader.

All of these forms of writing/text I am a great fan of. So if you love to tell anecdotes, inform me. If you love to write or read letters, also inform me. And if you love to rant - well, direct me to your rants but don't rant at me. I want to be the passive observer. And for, ehm, poetry... don't call us, we call you. :P (Only kidding, you can link me to your poetry too ^^)


Glimpse in the future!

A few on-going writing projects.

Magnum opus
Everybody must must must see this, because I need stuff and help. :3

Other stuff

Stanza Reason is rolling along, I don't write for it but you should. :P

Also in ET there is the "Finnish poetry" -wiki, which is a congregation of Finnish people writing poetry in Finnish. I do it as a lingual therapy of sorts...

2006-05-20 SilverFire: *haunt*

2006-05-23 Child of God: Dang, someone beat me at haunting *pouts*

2006-05-23 iippo: I really should do some kind of an update here.

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