[mousepoet]: 243.mousey's Poetry.Let me sleep

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2006-02-19 23:49:58
Let me sleep
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Let me sleep, Heaven
Let my dreams slide away
Like the tide
Let me sleep, Heaven
Let me stop my restless
And softly slip away
Let me sleep, Heaven
Let me drift on a gust
of star-scented air
And turn my face
toward the moon
Let me sleep, Heaven
I’m, so tired
Let me sleep on feathers soft
On clouds of ivory and mist
Let me sleep throughout the years
Throughout the delicate seasons
Let me sleep, Heaven
I’m so tired

2006-03-23 coolgal: love it. ^^

2006-03-24 mousepoet: *blushes* Thanks!

2007-02-27 karly: this is a great poem!! i cant wait to read more of your work

2007-04-14 sanctuary1: beautiful. very good.

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