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2007-06-10 05:15:30
i plan to keep poetry here, and please note: Although quite a bit is, hmm, less than happy, understand that I am quite a cheerful individual. I only sound depressed in writing.


Not that I think anyone will read this.

Oh, and all is copyright Emily Parrish.

Edit: Oh dear, much of this is getting quite dated. For the people like me that look at a page like this and think "I have neither the time nor the patience to sift through all these," I consider from "wounded pride" on my more current stuff.

2006-02-09 shadow in the midst: pff and why dont you think ppl ll read this??

2006-02-09 mousepoet: I am one among many! ~_^

2007-02-19 Falx: I love your 4 Senryu poems!

2007-02-20 mousepoet: Oh my gosh, thanks! I keep meaning to enter one in the senryu contest, but I keep forgetting. :)

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