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My entry for [Po]'s Five Words contest.

     A clothespin. That was all that remained of their love, of their years spent in one another’s arms… a god… damned… clothespin. Fein’s eyes squeezed tightly shut, sealing within his darkly painted lids a flood of impending tears.
     “I am so sorry,” Malumel chuckled, his growling, demonic voice a hellish maelstrom swirling within the pits of Fein’s mind. “That was all that I could save. I wanted to bring you a lock of her hair as a badge to prove her death to you, but when your home burned…” the wizard laid his darkly clawed hand atop Fein’s shoulder, “… I could find so very little of her that I thought this would have to do.”
     “Why…” the green-clad Terramancer growled through gritted teeth, “… she… was an innocent. My wife… she was a human! She had no power, wizard! There is no honor in killing defenseless humans,” screamed Fein in a vile tone that had long ago left his voice. A violent jerk of his shoulder tore him away from Malumel’s bloody claws. The jade shadow of Terramancy shrouded his young body, rising along with his fury into a storm of scent and sound. “I’ll kill you… right here…”
     Malumel stepped calmly away, the red of hellfire blazing in his eyes. “Exquisite. That is the power I wanted to see from you… and now that you are ready, I will draw a symphony of screams from within your throat. I will make sweet music of your dying utterance…”
     Fein lunged without a further word.

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