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2006-01-29 22:32:12
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A Better Way

Have you ever read something and thought that you could make it better? Well now here's your chance. Here, there are stories or parts of stories that you can read over and comment on how you could change it.

95.Fairy Tales Entry -- [Metal Tsubasa]
268.One Thanksgiving -- The Day I Caught The Rainbow -- [SleepingDragon]
252.Miscellaneous Material.Twisted and Beautiful -- [Emily]

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2006-01-26 [Metal Tsubasa]: *sigh* But the whole point of this page is to change things...

2006-01-27 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: ^__^ I think this place is good fro critique but I always get to attached to my work lol ^__^

2006-01-27 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: ^__^ yeah but it's just me im picking like that on things why we're talking what is the book called again that you've been working on o.O?

2006-01-27 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: Yeah, that's right, it sounds very interesting. ^__^

2006-01-27 [Metal Tsubasa]: I haven't even come close to finishing a book...

2006-01-28 [Metal Tsubasa]: I think that should be fine, but we should probably delete our comments on this one.

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: why delete them?? out of curiosity that is

2006-01-29 [Metal Tsubasa]: Since this is us staff members rambeling on

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: but it's nice to know that we're doing SOMETHING right???

2006-01-29 [Metal Tsubasa]: I suppose so...

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: ^__^ do we have a wiki where we could just chat on here? (like for certain groups such as us) theres an idea BINGO! YAY! ^__^

2006-01-29 [Metal Tsubasa]: Well, we do have our New Ideas Team wiki

2006-01-29 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: oh bothers some i tried.....

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