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2011-09-23 21:08:46
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Action Writing: Because writing is more than just words, it's activity

This is a wiki focused on group activities for writing. I've been
puttering around this site and found a couple pages similar to this
but they all seem dead. Since I'm active, I'd like to start my own.
I think getting involved with your writing, not just sitting in a dark
room typing/writing alone, is important. This will hopefully be a place
for people to come and write actively. It's not about competing,
it's about sharing and interacting. There are contests all over for
the competitive side of you!

I'd like to first suggest the page Dares.
It is what got me thinking about this page.
That page has a wonderful idea about writing.
I think it could have worked very well if the owner had stayed active.
You need communication sometimes to help you get motivated.

There are a few things writers often need help with-
ActionWriting: Pass it to your right

Finding a topic
ActionWriting: Give me a word

Getting a starting location
ActionWriting: M.A.S.H.

ActionWriting: Show don't tell

ActionWriting: You don't say!

If you have something you need help with
in writing. Add it to the list in bold. If
you have an activity you'd like to share for
a topic, add a page!

ActionWriting: Sharing Stories of Stories

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2011-09-23 [Annie]: I like this! If you feel it's ready, you can write a little blurb about it and I'll put it in the news. :)

2011-09-23 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Sure. Just PM you the little blurb?

2011-09-23 [Annie]: Yep!

2011-11-10 [Stephen]: This would probably be good to put into the calendar, too. o3o

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