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2006-10-04 02:15:39
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Writing Dares

I originally found this in the Nanowrimo forums as a way to combat writer's block I thought this would be a fun, silly thing for all of us here at WC. The way writing dares work is that someone posts a dare that you have to include in your story. So go over the list and see if there are any you want to take.

If you take a dare, go to Dares Taken.

If you want to add dare, go ahead and add it to the bottom of the list.

The Dare List

1. Involve a long conversation about Satan, ending with "So you're Satan? Wow."

2. Have a character who exists solely for thepurpose of being killed. Bonus points if they know this, and it's not a major plot point. Double bonus if the character always wears a red shirt, and seems oblivious to this fact.

3. Utilize the following line somewhere within your novel: "I like you. You smell responisible."

4. Include the line: "Well, this is a good quality long, awkward pause."

5. Include the line: "I like to think I'm an example of superior life in this universe."

6. Have a character seriously consider how to kill a person using cutlery and/or kitchen implements that you wouldn't normally consider to be deadly weapons.

7. Include the line, "<name>, have you got any more remarkably unuseful ideas?"

8. Have a dog named Temerarusam. Bonus points if the character that owns the dog has a good reason for that name. Double bonus points if he explains at least three times why he has chosen that name.

9. Have a character - an important one - end every sentence with "Or so the prophesy says."

10. Have someone go to a funeral. Have them believe this is a wedding, and no matter what, they will not believe it that it is a funeral. Bonus points: If they think that the person in the casket is getting married. Double bonus points: If the dead person in thecasket is getting married. Triple bonus points: If this involves some sort of zombie ritual. Quadruple bonus points: This is all serious.

11. Have a character named Hugh and everytime anyone says something like "I love you," the other person thinks they are talking about Hugh. ("Who the heck is Hugh? I'm going tokill him for stealing you away!")

12. In the middle of a very crucial battle (may or may not be the final battle), have one of the characters get confused about the whole situation and interrupt the battle ro ask the fighting protagonist what is going on. Bonus points if the character asking is also a main character. Double bonus points if the two characters start an argument about what is going on, putting this epic battle to a halt until the argument finishes.

13. Use the word "zenzizenzizenzic." It refers to the eighth power of a number.

14. Have someone randomly burst into a foreign language that nobody else speaks. Bonus points if you don't actually know the language and use babelfish as a translator.

15. Talk about anatomical taboos in a story that isn't about pornography, illness, or you trying to look open-minded. For instance, a guy having to jack off after a date, or a female warrior who becomes severely disadvantaged during her period.

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2006-10-09 [RiddleRose]: there's also a 16 page long forum on the NaNo site with million awesome dares. definitely take a look at them!

2008-10-13 [Aureus Moonrise]: ... Do you have to use all those dares in one entry?

2008-10-13 [Calann]: I'd imagine you can pick one or several. :)

2008-10-15 [Aureus Moonrise]: Ooooooooh. Cooleh. =D Thankee.

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