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The Backwards Book Chart of [Kaimee]

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In progress:

Orson Scott Card's Empire.

Read recently:

Ursula LeGuin - Orsinian Tales short stories
Penelope Farmer - Charlotte Sometimes
Anne McCaffrey - Maelstrom
Anne McCaffrey - Changelings
Anne McCaffrey - Power lines
Anne McCaffrey - Power play
Anne McCaffrey - Powers that be
Helen Dewitt - The Last Samurai
Georgette Heyer - These old shades
Georgette Heyer - The Devil's cub
Nicci French - The Safe House 
Nicci French - Killing Me Softly
Nicci French - The Red Room
Nicci French - Land of the Living
Nicci French - Secret Smile
Nicci French - Catch Me When I Fall
Nicci French - Losing You
Gay Longworth - Dead Alone
Gay Longworth - Unquiet Dead
Gay Longworth - Bimba
Gay Longworth - Wicked Peace
PJ Tracy - Snow Blind
PJ Tracy - Dead Run
PJ Tracy - Live Bait
PJ Tracy - Monkey Wrench
Minette Walters - Fox Evil
Minette Walters - The Devil's Feather
Minette Walters - The Ice House
Minette Walters - The Sculptress
Minette Walters - The Scold's Bridle

~back a week or two, can't remember past that. I'll fill it in properly sometime

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2007-02-09 [iippo]: Welcome!
*pokes header* You are not an iippo :P

2007-02-10 [Kaimee]: xD sorry I was totally not with the rest of the world last night. Combine upwards of 30 hours on an assignment and some bourbon, and kaimee becomes an iippo! :P

2007-02-10 [iippo]: :D Fairymuff.
Hmm, I wonder what else could be achieved with that formula... ^^;

2007-02-14 [Kaimee]: kaimee also becomes someone who sings songs (all to the tune of Rawhide) to her computer, paper, food, pen, keyboard, mouse, chair, etc.

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