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CSS stands for cascading style sheet, and is what defines (among other things which it is best not to change) the pretty colours of writersco.

There are some standard ones that can be selected in the 'Change personal data' window, but you can also write completely new ones by writing it in a wiki called something.css and exporting it as Raw. Then in the box below that standard stylesheets type _something.css and your new CSS file shall be used.


Here are some custom CSS files, feel free to add your own:

Created By [Hedda]
Modelica.css - A basic one, including all the tags. (but green)

Created By [Kiddalee]
serifindex.css - This is just like the regular stylesheet, only it uses serif fonts in the places where there can be long paragarphs (writings, blog, etc.). I'm willing to take suggestions for which font to use.

Created By [lordpenguin]
darkheader.css - standard but with very dark blue navigation bar.
darkheader2.css - standard but with lighter blue navigation bar.


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