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Canadian Publishing Houses

This page is always under construction. If you know any names of publishing houses that I haven't listed, I'll be grateful for the tip. You may even add a publisher to the list (in alphabetical order) if you know it is Canadian. Just follow this format:

Publisher Name
City, Province/Territory
url their domain
Contact: url to contact info page
Submission Guidelines: url to submission guidelines page or a faq question specific to submission guidelines
Interests: What are they interested in publishing?

Not all publishers' websites give all this information, so just fill as many categories as possible. If you see any errors in what is already up here, first make sure you are correct, and then you may fix the errors.

There is also a directory of publishers' websites here:

Verified Publishers

Altitude Publishing
Canmore, Alberta
Interests: Travel and tourism. Most famous for their Amazing Stories series (which is nonfiction).

Boston Mills Press
Erin, Ontario
Interests: This is an independant small town press focused on Canadian tourism, nature, and local history. It appears to publish a little fiction, but mostly nonfiction.

House of Anansi Press
Toronto, Ontario
Submission Guidelines:
Interests: "Anansi publishes Canadian and international writers of literary fiction, poetry, and serious nonfiction. We do not publish genre fiction (eg, mysteries, thrillers, science fiction, or romance novels), nor do we publish self-help nonfiction."

Key Porter Books
Toronto, Ontario
Interests: No unsolicited manuscripts. Seems to publish just about everything except genre fiction.

McClelland & Stewart Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario
Submission Guidelines:
Interests: Currently the largest Canadian publisher.

Porcupine's Quill
Erin, Ontario
Interests: They love their poetry and short story anthologies, but also publish YA and children's fiction, literary novels, literary criticism, and some art books. They don't appear to have much genre work on their list, though.

Random House Canada
Toronto, Ontario
Interests: Divided into Random House, Knopf, Doubleday, Vintage, Seal, Bond Street, and Anchor (none of which are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts).

Toronto University Press
Toronto, Ontario
Submission Guidelines:
Interests: Nonfiction, just about anything you might read to get a BA in General Arts.

Tundra Books
Toronto, Ontario
Submission Guidelines:
Intrests: They'll publish any type of children's book.

Turnstone Press
Manitoba under construction

Ethical Self/Vanity Publishers

Spider Thief Publishing
Orangeville, Ontario
Submission Guidelines: Self-publishing info at
Interests: They're very new, but have so far published short story anthologies. They also hold a contest every year called the Short Story Search ( ) which is not a scam requiring ridiculous payment.

Yet To Be Verified
Anchor Canada
Bond Street Books
Dance Collection Danse Press/es
DareArts Foundation
Firefly Books
Groundwood Books
Knopf Canada
McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Seal Books
Vintage Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University Press

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