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Created and owned by [RiddleRose] and held by [Ash]

You know we all love them. Drabbles are little pieces of writing that are one hundred words long. In this loverly contest I shall present a challenge! You shall then create a drabble to meet that challenge. Jolly good!
Contact [Ash] with any questions.



1. All original work! No plagiarism, fanfiction, etc.
2. Follow the theme! 
3. Make it as close to 100 words as you can. I realize that it is harder than it sounds, but no entries will be accepted if the word count is below 95 words or above 105 words.
4. The format for posting an entry is this --> [username] - [usernmbr.nameofwriting@writings] - word count
5. There is a minimum of three entries before judging may commence.
6. No porn please. No gratuitous violence or rape, etc. Basically keep it appropriate for a twelve or thirteen year old.
7. There are a maximum of two entries per person! - new rule!
8. Have fun!


In Details
This will close when we have five entries but not before October 31st! Make sure you invite your friends!

It must involve a(n) GREENISH MIST!!



1. [Eleanor] 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Fall 2011 100 words
2. [Product of a Primal Urge] 826.Greenish Mist.Drabbles Contest 100 words
3. [Annie] 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.October 2011 100 words


First Place: [Product of a Primal Urge] - 826.Drowning for Drabbles - 100 words
Second Place: [Eleanor] - 668.Contest entries.Drabbles.Spring 2011 - 100 words
Third Place: [Annie] - 415.Miscellaneous.Drabbles.JanuaryFebruaryMarch2011 - 100 words


Many thanks to [Paz] for making the banner and the badges!

First, Second, and Third Place Winners/Participant:
<img:stuff/drab-badge1.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge2.gif> <img:stuff/drab-badge3.gif> <img:stuff/drab-part.gif>

Drabble Winners
flipside contest section

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2011-09-30 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Aw, typos happen. It's okay :D

Ooh, I love "She could practically taste it" [Eleanor].
And "dwindling cigarette", [Ash].

I have something like this going on my Action Writing page, if anyone is interested. This page specifically: ActionWriting: Give me a word

2011-10-01 [Ash]: Well, while everyone is still commenting on this... ENTER DRABBLES! :D

2011-10-01 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Will do :)

2011-10-02 [Annie]: It feels so warm and cozy to see all the updates about page changes and comments on WC again. :}

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Oh, so do I just snag the First Place badge for my house from winning the last round?

2011-10-05 [Annie]: Yep, just write <* img* :* stuff/drab-badge1.gif > in your description, minus the spaces and stars. :)

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Alrighty! I didn't want to just grab it if I wasn't supposed to :D

2011-10-05 [Annie]: Haha, no worries. Most contests are that way around here. :)

2011-10-05 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Ah cool. Are you going to join this one again?

2011-10-06 [Annie]: I should be able to get one in later this month, looks like it doesn't close until the 31st so I think I can make it. :)

2011-10-06 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Cool :D

2011-10-12 [Ash]: Come on, three more entries!!!!

2011-10-16 [Ash]: Two more!!!

2012-09-25 [RiddleRose]: Hi there anyone who still comes here! It feels like a bit of a wasteland now. [Ash] I am so flattered that you kept my silly little contests after I disappeared into the real world. I do love me some writing prompts! Anyway, I doubt anyone will read this for at least six months, but hello all! I miss the old days, when men were strong, women were beautiful, and the comments on pages updated every few minutes...

2012-09-25 [Eleanor]: I still log in from time to time. I'm also still depositing writing here as a backup for my own computer. I wish there was something we could do to bring the place back to life.

2012-10-27 [Annie]: Same!

2012-11-01 [Ash]: Hi all, sorry I've been off fiddling with my own life. RiddleRose, you created such awesome contests we wanted to keep them going. :)

2015-04-12 [Sabrina Catherine]: hello? Can anybody hear me?

2015-04-21 [Ash]: OMG HI! I just randomly logged in and saw notifications. I haven't heard from anyone on here in forever.

2016-11-06 [Sabrina Catherine]: In scared I'll lose all my writing if the activity doesn't go back up.....

2021-02-04 [Sabrina Catherine]: I'm still here is anyone else is.

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