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You are standing at the mouth of a cave. You can smell the vile stench of its breath. There are bones scattered all around the surroundings...

Enter, Traveller


Enter, Traveller - stats - Examples, Explanations, Guidelines and a List of Participants.

The RPer's Alliance


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The Game:
You are on a road leading up to the mansion. You can not see any lights in the windows or any other signs of life in there. It is approximately half past eleven in the evening. It's a cloudy night, so the trees by the road do not cast shadows. Down the road behind you is the mob of older kids, shouting and throwing things at you. They are not catching up for they are not as fast nor nimble as you, and they are many so they move slower. They are not having many things, and what they pick up from the ground they throw at you.

You pick up a rock from the ground and throw it at the head of the kid leading the mob.

You watch the rock as it flies through the air and hits the kid straight between his eyes. He falls to the ground and you notice that the mob is even less friendly now and seem to have found away around their speed problem. You turn towards the mansion again and open the gates. Speeding up the overgrown garden path you look over your shoulder to note the mob-situation.

The gates close behind you, leaving the mob outside. They reach the gates but cannot open them. The one you hit in the head with the rock is still lying on the ground. You can't find another exit from the garden. It is startig to get cold.

You laugh at the mob and flip them the bird, the you turn your back to them and try to find another way out.

There is a path headed towards the mansion and another that seems to cut across the garden, curving along with the house. You follow it. Suddenly you hear a yell. Not a terrified scream, but more like a beconing call. It seems to be coming from the house.

The windows in the mansion are large and close to the ground and have small bushes and plants under them. You can't see anything inside the house for it is so dark and the moon is lighting the garden. There are a lot of freshly dug and again filled holes in the garden, about the size of a head. There are also a lot of small busts and statues, casting eerie shadows on the grass. You hear another yell, more like a moan this time.

A skeletal hand rises from one of the holes and grabs you by the ankle. You fall to the ground and maniacal laughter issues forth from all the other holes. You rise and wipe the dust off your clothes, the hand does that same thing again, and once again, you are laughing stock.

Rather suddenly, a voice as deep as the grave speaks, saying playfully, "Pull it down the hole! The sneakers are quite nice."

Your kick crumbles the boned arm to the ground and you hear a curse behind you. After much struggling you reach the door and as you open it, you hear another scream.

There are tricklings of something red and sticky on the floor, leading left and up the grand staircase. A brilliant crystal chandelier hangs high above in the middle of the ceiling in this entrance hall. A door to the right is moving slowly back and forth in the draft, making an eerie creaking sound.

You move towards the osciliating door. Your steps echoe in the vast and decreptid building sounding louder and louder.

You open the door and find a huge jam-making machine operating on its own, manufacturing strawberry jam...

"You want some?" a voice asks you from behind.

A skull in the corner, dripping with jam burps loudly and shouts at you, "NO! NO! Stay away! It's mine! You can't have any!"

At the same time an eerie sound familiar to a scream sounds. Then you realise it is no person but a musical instrument, being tuned. Apparently tuning is over, since an invisible orchestra burst into an old-fashioned waltz. Pearly-white see-through figures enter through the walls and down the stairs, pair up and start dancing in this other-worldly ballroom.

Suddenly they all stop and look at you. You look around and notice a ghost aproaching you. It bows requestiong a dance.

You accept, but even though you try really hard, you constantly seem to go through the ghost figure. There's no way to make contact. The other ghosts are still watching, and seem to find it hilarious. They start laughing. Some of them even point at you in a teasing-sort-of way.

One of the ghosts mocks you, "A broken-down bulldozer dances with greater grace than you do."

Your partner excuses you as you pull away from the dance and goes to find someone else to dance with. After a while no one bothers to pay any attention to you anymore. Your wandering takes you towards the grand staircase. There seems to be nothing special with it.

As you ascend the stairs you feel slightly apprehensive,its been quite the evening for you and you just don't feel like dealing with anymore surprises. Of course you are not so lucky, and the grand staircase begins to quiver and sway beneath you. The steps have become rubber-like, and you find it quite difficult to hold your balance. Looking back you realize that the stairs are growing, and soon you note that one false step could mean the end of you.

The stairs grow bigger and bigger, and soon the swaying feels more like a private earthquake beneath your feet, but you manage to not fall off. When it all settles down, you find out that the steps grew to gigantic proportions: the step you are standing on stretches hunderds of meters to both your sides, the step behind you is a five-storey drop, and the step ahead of you is the same distance but straight up. There is no handle-holds or anything to help you climb up nor down.

So you cautiously move to the side a few dozens of meters till the time comes you notice a little button on the supposidly concrete wall. You wonder what it does.

Curiousity gets the better of you and you slowly reach towards the button. The instant that your finger touches it the stairs snap down quickly, nearly dislodging you from your perch in the process. Breathing heavily you race up the last of the stairs, wondering what awaits you down the long and dark corridor ahead.

Foolishly you proceed into the corridor without a light source, and very soon you are relying on your hearing and feeling to get by. And those senses are not promising good: you hear a low rumble, like something very large breathing in and out, and the walls are furry when you touch them. The floor is no longer inside the house, it is more like smooth stone, polished by endless steps of this cavern's habitant.

A grey dragon, obviously high, asks you sleepily, "Who dares enter my cave?"

Its eyes are blood-shot, its tongue is sticking out, its wings gracelessly dropped to its sides, and its tail flops lazily as it takes one more whiff from a huge pile of smouldering cannabis.

You begin to feel a little funny, and not having ever been high before, you don't realise what is happening. You think the dragon is casting a spell on you. Suddenly this strikes you as extremely funny, and you begin to laugh. The dragon pokes it's nose at you, apparently trying to see you better, and you notice that it is wearing a tiny pair of spectacles. This is even funnier, and you slump to the ground in excesses of hilarity.

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2005-12-02 [The Red Baron]: Better now?

2005-12-03 [The Blonde Witch]: I'll edit then :D

2005-12-04 [SilverFire]: *more la hauntage*

2005-12-04 [iippo]: Yes. Try to focus on describing the surroundings and situations and less on actions. :)

2005-12-19 [The Blonde Witch]: naz, it´s your turn :)

2006-01-17 [Kuzco]: Yo, the stats said "just add yourselves" so I did. THis is an interesting idea, may I join you?

2006-01-20 [iippo]: Indeed. Just edit away.

2006-01-20 [iippo]: Use the form of "your actions make this happen" instead of describing the actions of the player. Tricky I know, but try to get your heads aroun it dudes. :)

2006-01-20 [Kuzco]: any better?

2006-01-21 [iippo]: Still it is the player's text. Consider what would you reply to that as the Game Master. (something like "Your kick crumbles the boned arm to the ground and you hear a curse behind you. After much struggling you reach the door and as you open it, you hear another scream...")

2006-01-21 [Kuzco]: hum...I'll need some practice :)

2006-01-22 [iippo]: It helps if you imagine the situation where there is a player who tells you "my character now wants to say hello to this man" and you have to reply, not with "you say hello" but with "the man says hello to you too." First thinking what the player does helps, but then you also need to come up with what you would reply to the player.

2006-01-22 [Kuzco]: alright, it'll come with practice I hope :P. So, is this turn based?

2006-01-22 [iippo]: Not really, it's like... who's online can edit -based :D

2006-01-22 [Kuzco]: cool :P

2006-01-29 [The Blonde Witch]: isn't it supposed to be you form?

2006-01-29 [Kuzco]: bad. Fixed it.

2006-03-02 [iippo]: Come on someone! Edit!

2006-03-21 [Ravendust]: heh, I just jumped in, didn't write more than a short paragraph, but I promise future 'posts' will be longer...

2006-03-22 [iippo]: Yay, welcome!

2006-06-25 [RiddleRose]: oh spiffing! this will be fun

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