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A Flipside Contest.

Hosted by [Calliope]


 Yes the name is supposed to be a play on words although you could say that the contest theme refers to both a persons piece and peace of mind.



1. The work must be your own. Partner pieces will be allowed because of the nature of the theme but both writers must be acknowledged and have granted permission for entrance.

2. It must be an original piece. The point is to work on your writing through submissions, not submit old pieces ;)

3. Please keep submissions between 500 and 1500 words.

4. Use your discretion when pursuing potentially upsetting topics (eg. religion, evolution, laws, etc.) This is a writing competition not a place to harass and insult people over their beliefs. Keep points mature.

5. Submit entries in the following format:

[ Username ] - Link - Number of Words



  The theme of this contest is a short story based around a debate. Dialogue is one of the hardest components of writing, especially when it is continuous. Entries must convey a debate between two or more people with each side giving the other a piece of their mind ;) Descriptions and other details are allowed but remember to focus mainly on dialogue and descriptions involving this (eg. Yes - Her voice rang with conviction. Not so much - The wind was whistling in the window). Try not to have it end in bloodshed or disownment because of the opposing viewpoints either, I'm looking for realism and flow in the face of dialogue. *shudders at the thought*



  Lets say 5 entries unless there's a whole flood right off the bat.



  Judging will be done via a poll and winners and participants will receive a badge that I get around to making eventually...


 - Avoid redundancy. Don't have characters making the same points over and over again and don't use words repeatedly. (eg. said, asked, scoffed, etc.)

 - Don't make lame points in the debate such as "Well I heard it once upon a time so it's true." Have a bit of substance to back the point up and therefore make it more real ;)

 - Make sure to check out FS101 - Writing Dialog for other pointers on writing dialogue :)


Behold my primative GIMPing skills XD

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1. [RiddleRose]
2. [Po] I will not be rushing this's too good a theme to rush
3. [Today for you, tomorrow for me] - I love to debate, so, this should be pretty fun.
4. [Kuzco]
5. [Annie] - I've actually been wanting to write a certain debative conversation down that I had...and make it a little more interesting than it actually was...and so now I have. :) Thank goodness for contests that give that extra push.



1. [Kuzco] - 212.Guy's talk - 2500 words.
2. [Annie] - 415.Short Stories.Mr. Gunner - 647


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2006-07-28 [RiddleRose]: just to clarify, by upsetting topic, do you mean murder rape and pillaging? or do you mean politics, religion, and abortion rights? or some of each? or other things completely? what is your definition of upsetting topics? maybe we could get some sort of list of topics to avoid at all costs... i ask because "debate" to me means something political usually, but you might have something else in mind.

2006-07-28 [Calliope]: Well when it comes to debate there's always someone who'll be upset so I'm not going to say any topics are out of bounds but use descretion when pursuing certain things. For example, if you're using religion, don't start bashing all Gods and calling people stupid and if you're defending say the death penalty, don't go off on a tangent about how bad mankind is and how we deserve to die. I'll change the rule so that it's more clear :)

2006-07-29 [RiddleRose]: thank you. debating is a touchy sort of thing, you know? like you say, someone is always upset. i shall be careful.  :)

2006-07-29 [Calliope]: That's all I ask. It should also make it easier that you aren't debating with someone but just recording a fictional debate. Hopefully people don't get as upset reading as they would partaking.

2006-08-05 [Today for you, tomorrow for me]: Oooo, I really wanna do this, but grrr. Damn computers . . . Who knows? Maybe I'll get it in on time.

2006-08-05 [Today for you, tomorrow for me]: Question, does it matter what the debate is about?

2006-08-05 [Calliope]: Nope, it's your choice. I just ask that if you pick a really controversial issue like religion, politics, etc. that you use your discretion while writing. :)

2006-08-07 [RiddleRose]: loverly badges... ;)

2006-08-07 [Calliope]: Thanks XD

2006-08-24 [Kuzco]: timelimit? profanity limit?

2006-08-24 [Calliope]: No deadline yet and as I said, the point of this isn't to cause controversy and upset people, it's to help your dialogue skills. In my opinion, it takes more skill to not use profanity these days than it does to just add a cuss in. That doesn't mean don't use it at all but try to keep it to a minimum please :)

2006-09-04 [Kuzco]: Got it in, no profanity that I could find. Word limit, I'm sorry about that. Went overboard, had to cut out two topics...anyways, I'm in.

2006-09-05 [RiddleRose]: ok, my computer is finally fixed, so i can get a move on! ha ha!

2011-07-30 [Calliope]: Is anybody still alive to add entries here?

2011-07-31 [Annie]: I'm alive! And the last round of Five Words got something like 6 entries I think. We're here! :) I'd love to see another contest come back to life. :D

2011-07-31 [Calliope]: Bah, you already have an entry in [Annie] :P I'll start splashing it around then to try and get the last 3 entries and maybe get a poll going!

2011-08-07 [Annie]: Haha..bah? I can take my entry back! ;D :P

2011-08-07 [Calliope]: Nooo! That's working backwards xD Make the contest look a bit alive with the entries there lol

2011-08-11 [Annie]: Haha :)

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