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Recommended Reading Example


Book name : nameofbook
Genre : Fantasy
Author : Jimmy O'Hare


This story is totally made up, so that this wiki could be created as an example of what you could do when submitting a recommended reading. Firstly I would like to stress how much I enjoyed reading this piece each chapter was like butter melting on toast.

The main character Sally was a little bit rusty to begin, but as the plot thickened, someone managed to squeeze a few drops of oil onto her, springing her to life with a new lease of action.

The story ends with an unexpected twist when Harry met... erm the protagonist, and before you know it they are in love... end

So really I think you should all read it because... well it was an amzing book that was totally amazing especially when Sally was met by well I can't say or it will spoil it. But go read!!


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2007-12-22 [iippo]: Please put an edit-page button onto this page (and password protect it if needed). If people are supposed to use this format, it'll be a lot easier if they can press "edit page" and copy the code from the edit-form.

2007-12-23 [Font]: fixed

2009-06-13 [Tyr Zalo Hawk]: I loved this book so much. Cried at the end... *sniffs* Sally... such a good character...

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