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Unlazy Poets - Appropriateness

May 5, 2006: Updated to be more realistic and less legalistic.

Though Writersco is not a kids' community, there are young teenagers here. In order to keep this place open to them, you should keep certain adult material at a limit. These limits are hard to describe, and legalism is not the way to go in these matters, so use common sense! But here are some obvious ones:

• It isn't allowed. As in racism and discrimination and such.

• Don't swear like an idiot. Only swear when necessary.

• Gratuitous, pornographic descriptions are inappropriate for an audience of youth.
• Works encouraging or glorifying dehumanizing sexual acts (such as rape) are not allowed.

• Overly gratuitous, glorified violence is innapropriate.

The judges reserve the right to disqualify any poem based on these criteria and common sense (the most important tool being common sense).

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