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I thought this contest was best described by the words of our original founder, [RiverStar]:

Creating this page was like this crazy idea I had while trying to sleep. I absolutely love writing, but often have a hard time deciding what to write. So this contest provides you with the inspiration to begin...

The wonderful art of words! A new round begins every month and the entries are reviewed by a team of qualified judges. All you have to do is put your story on a wiki page and message [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros] with the link. Please include a title or the "what if..." prompt as well as your name in the wiki name. If you are new to wiki's and need some help just let a judge know and they can help you.

We are accepting poems as well. However the poem must still fit in the lines of a story. So it must include basic story elements such as a main character and a plot.

Idea Starter: What if everyone looked alike?
Starts: Oct 1st
Deadline:Oct 31st
Entries: What2

Winners will recieve this badge:
by LittleSister of Elftown.

Judges and Mods:
[Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros]

Judges' opinions of the work can be seen here: What if...Crit

Who do you think should win: What if...Voting

You can read previous winners and entries: What if...Winners

Give us ideas for more contests: What if...Ideas

I hope you will enjoy this contest, and I can't wait to see what you create!

Username (or number or email):


2006-06-30 [Child of God]: Yay! First comment! This looks cool, think I'll have to give it a try! ^-^

2006-07-02 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros]: Yay! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see some thing soon.

2006-07-02 [Child of God]: I'll try really hard to have something up by Friday ^-^

2006-07-04 [iippo]: Should entries be in the writings-wiki, or are normal wiki writings ok too?

2006-07-08 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros]: either, as long as they can be linked

2006-07-28 [Child of God]: Ya! Got it done finally! ^-^ Don't know if it's what you're looking for though . . .

2006-08-02 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Ros]: Well... this isn't the start I had hoped for... But I guess it's better then nothing... I'll read it.

2006-08-02 [Child of God]: Just let me know and I'll see if I can come up with something else. I'm not sure I like it though, since it didn't turn out the way I was hoping.

2006-09-02 [Sabrina Catherine]: is there gonna be a new competition soon? cuz its september..... and I really want to write.... but I can never have any good enough ideas that deserve to be on a piece of paper.

2006-09-21 [RiverStar]: Glad to see you guys brought this over! You have my support with the utmost happiness!

2006-09-25 [Nell]: Thanks!

BBE; the voting for the previous contest is up, and the regular contest it is about to begin again!

2006-09-26 [Sabrina Catherine]: ^^ yay ^^

2006-10-04 [Nell]: Well, it's UUUUUuuuuuppppp!!!

2006-10-05 [iippo]: Since there is a voting, what is the purpose of us judges? (I don't mean to say we are useless, but if we don't do any judging, we can also enter...?)

2006-10-07 [Nell]: Well, that's one of the things I was going to talk to you guys about. I was in the last contest, so I couldn't judge (and you can do the same). I would have waited for a decision, but it had been over a month and we neededd to kickstart this contest again. We'll probably bring back judging if the other judges are still interested.

2006-10-07 [iippo]: I'd still like to judge and give feedback and all that comes with being a judge. :)

2007-04-07 [Eloura]: ... Is this contest still in working order???!?!?!?

2007-04-14 [Nell]: I don't know. Ros hasn't been around in...255 days or so, therefore I think we'll need another judge for one thing. No one entered the 'What if everyone looked alike?', but you can, and maybe that would get this thing started again. Or we could start a new one. Suggestions?

2007-04-15 [iippo]: I'm still around too and wouldn't mind keeping it going. :)

2008-02-08 [Sabrina Catherine]: it's an october competition though.... >.>

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